Early Dinner: The Pancake Parlour

11:33 AM

Hello, readers!

So by this post I'm gonna tell you about another sweet nice place that I just tried. Another place around Depok, at Margo City to be exact. The place is called The Pancake Parlour.

As a uni student, I'm very likely to go outside and just go to a good place with good wifi to do my assignments. My room only makes me lazy. So I'd rather go out than do it at my room.

I went to Margo City on a national day off and I didn't realize that until I found out the car lines! I was literally circling the mall until my friends (ya, I met my friends there accidentally) recommended me to go to Killiney Kopitiam. I've been to this coffee shop before with my family and I thought it would be a perfect place to spend my time.

No. It wasn't.

Long story short, I was circling the mall again twice and so I finally landed in this pancake shop. It always looks cozy from outside, but I never tried it. When I asked the waitress were there any seats that had cable outlet for my dying laptop, she gave me the closest one table for 4 people, while I was only alone. I got the sofa one, it felt niceee after circling the mall for a long time. The outlet was also literally next to me.

I bought the Cajun Chicken Salad and Green Tea, and they took a reasonable duration to make. Even when it was crowded, they came pretty fast. They tasted great, even I thought the salad would be guilt-free, but great. They put mayo on it, but they didn't write that on the description. I was eating around 5 p.m. so it was an early dinner (or just dinner for me) and the food made me full! Good job, salad!

The ambiance is very cozy I love it. As I told you, the sofa is real good. The lightning is soft and cool. One side of the wall has mirror on it and the other side has a wallpaper with Jim Carrey quote on it. Yes, that's a big A from me!

Again, the only issue that I had was the wifi connection. At first, it worked. It was fast and had high signals. Too bad, it was losing it. It turned on and off and I was on my work with the internet and that frustrated me. Also I didn't know why but my phone got no service there. I think it will be a nice place for relaxing and enjoying food, not for doing your home works.

So far, I was pretty impressed with the place. I haven't bought their pancakes yet, since it's their main star. I read so much reviews on Zomato saying the pancakes are ordinary. I can't tell you that since I haven't tried it. I might coma back next time since I love the place so much, and I'll probably gonna try their pancakes. After that, I can update this post and give you deeper reviews about the restaurant.

That's it for the review, guys, hope it'd help.
Thank's for reading, readers!

P.S. Sorry I didn't take any pictures, my phone was dead. I'll take them when I come back next time. Promise.

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