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Hello, readers!

No, I'm not gonna tell you the advantages of earphone, but the advantage of listening to music, especially while jogging (or any work out sessions). I just thought it's the same thing because.. what's a music without any earphones?

So I came up of the idea posting this post because right now, I'm supposed to go jogging. I already woke up real early in the morning, already had my healthy breakfast, but my body is not meant to do it. And so I ended up laying in my bed making this post.

This is my second time doing this; choosing not to go jogging even when I'm all dressed up, just because my body doesn't feel into it. Why? I've seen many articles about any reasons that could effecting it, and I'm gonna tell you one of them.

I used to listen to music while jogging, but since my phone is broken since *more than* a month ago, I'm no longer listen to music every time I go jogging. And yes, it affects me so much. I felt way stronger when I was listening to music. I could enjoy doing jogging for longer time when I was listening to music. I've checked on my jogging history and this past month has been bad. I'm only half way of the previous me.

According to the Huffington Post, there are 6 benefits that you can get from listening to music:

1. Music is the good kind of distraction
They say that music can make you less aware of the exertion while working up. I did think about this once. Because when I listen to music while I go jogging, what's in my mind is actually the music. I don't think about how people will see me, I don't think about how my face will look like, I don't think about how long I've been jogging; I just go jogging as long as I can while enjoying the music in my ears.

2. Music ups your effort
A study found that the best music for working out is between 120 and 240 beats per minute (bpm), because the faster music can makes you work harder than the slower tempo. I didn't know about this, but since it's based on a study so it must be true. But for my experience, yes I always listen to up beat songs. I love rock songs. Rock songs do build my mood up when I'm going jogging. They just make the right atmosphere for me. And therefore helps me jog harder.

3. Music puts you "in the zone"
I can say it's kinda related to my previous explanation. Music makes the right atmosphere for me. It puts me "in the zone", or better: "my arena". It happens because we associate certain songs with memories. And I'm sure rock songs will remind me of some battle arenas and that's actually why it can make me get stronger.

4. A good beat can help you keep pace
"The rhythm of your workout music stimulates the motor area of the brain as to when to move, thereby aiding self-paced exercises such as running or weight-lifting." I might not aware about this, but probably it also happens to me when I go jogging with music. I might consider this also related to my previous explanations about how music can puts you in the zone, keeps up your effort, and therefore makes you keep a steady pace for longer time.

5. Music can elevate your mood
Also based on a study, they say listening to music can be a way to change your mood and find self-awareness. I definitely agree with this. Music helps me change my bad mood to good every time, not only while working out. I do my "cheap" catharsis by listening to full-volumed songs and sing along to it. I'm sorry neighbors, I know sometime I do that at night, I just had a rough day.

6. It makes you want to move
A study found that when music possesses high-groove qualities, the brain gets excited and induced movement in the listener. My rock musics may not be related to groovy-dancy songs, but it sure rocks. It makes me wanna jump, do stuff, and work harder, especially on my workout sessions.

And so that's it the 6 great benefits from listening to music for your jogging time. I really hope it can give you useful information because it is science! It works for me, and it works beyond expectations. My phone is broken and I'm not sure when will I have the opportunity to fix it... So it's really bad for my jogging sessions. I hope that doesn't happen to you, and make sure to put some of your favorite up beat songs to accompany you doing workout!

Have fun on your workout sessions, and thank's for reading, readers!

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