Graceland [UPDATED]

10:35 AM

Hello, readers!
I'm writing this as soon as I got out of bed, I have pretty mixed-feelings to start the day.

I want to tell you about one of my favorite TV shows, it's called Graceland.

Let me just cite from Variety to describe what this TV show is about, otherwise it's gonna take a little bit longer than it should be:

"Created by Jeff Eastin, the series followed a group of undercover agents from various law enforcement agencies who live together in a Southern California beach house, known as Graceland. Aaron Tveit starred alongside Daniel Sunjata as a rookie agent who's assigned to the house right after he graduates from FBI training."

The show is also starring Vanessa Ferlito, Serinda Swan, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Manny Montana. The show has already finished 3 seasons, and it's just finished the 3rd one *probably* a couple weeks ago.

I (BIG) LOVE this show so much! I'm still hyped by the story line of season 3, because in my opinion Graceland's story is not too predictable like some other shows. Every episodes feel like so mind blowing because you won't really guess what is the truth behind every moments that's happening. It's so complicated, and intense. Each ending of the season is really well-made that can keep you interested until the next season; not too shocked, not too boring.

Season 1 to season 2 to season 3, you really can see how is the show's progression to be more mature, become better every season. All the actors and actress play really well with the characters that somehow can make you feel what they feel, or feel what other characters' feel toward them. As I'm watching Graceland, I really can laugh, cry, get angry, touched, and more importantly, as what I like to say it, get intense!

And what shocked me was, when I woke up today and as usual I opened my social media, I saw Manny posted a picture on Instagram with a caption saying things like, "Thank you for this 3 seasons, I know it's hard but this should happens." with a picture of Graceland casts on it (but without Serinda). At first I wasn't really sure if that was about Graceland got cancelled or not. But the comments all like, "What? They cancelled it??", "Netflix please take Graceland!", and that made me believe more that they actually cancelled Graceland.

I scrolled down and right after Manny's post there was the official Graceland TV Instagram posting the same thing.

That shocked me a lot, I'm telling you.

I've never really been in the situation like this where my favorite TV show suddenly got cancelled and only leaving some obscurity by the last story. No, even when it's going to end some day, I don't want it to end like this.

I'm still wishing that all of this is't true though, because I don't think I can do anything. Unless I knew earlier that they had ratings issue then I would definitely try to help them.

The news about Graceland got cancelled was 1 day ago *when you Google it*, but you can see the news about how the casts still get their finger crossed on Graceland 4 around 8 hours ago. So, yeah, that builds my hope.

At least I want other network to take Graceland, if that's possible. Is that possible? Please let me know.

Thanks for reading, readers!


I opened the Twitter timeline and saw Brandon retweeted Graceland UK tweet about a petition of saving Graceland #SaveGracelandTV that already hit over 1000 signs!!!

 I finally can *try to* help!

 If you read this, please help me, help us, bring back Graceland! Your one signature is going to be very helpful. We should let them know that the story needs to be continued.  You can open the petition by the embedded tweet above or below.

Thanks again for reading and helping, readers!

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