I Do It for Myself

8:31 PM

Hello, readers,
Do you agree with me that flat bellied person are gorgeous?

Just like most girls out there, I have body goals. It doesn't mean that I don't like my current body, but I think it's just not enough. Yet.

I really want to have that abs, that thigh gap, and those biceps. It's fit that I'm looking for, not just thin. For me, fit looking is way more hot than just thin looking. No, I don't say that skinny people are not hot, we all have our genetic body type that we can't change, I understand that. For me, I have just regular body type with fats everywhere. That's why I want to lose fat and gain more muscle. It's just what I prefer to have, since I can't really get skinny looking for a body type like mine.

To look gorgeous.

To be healthy.

I do it for myself. I don't do it for anyone else. I don't do it to impress other people. I don't do it for "Holy shit, you got hot!". I do it so I can feel pretty. I do it so I can be more confident with my body. I do it so I can look cute with any clothes that I want to wear. I simply just one to be proud with myself to have something that I didn't have before. That's where my motivations come from.

Every girl is pretty no matter what shapes and colors. And this body goal is what's gonna make me feel prettier. This body goal is going to give me so much advantages, not to mention my healthy behavior.

On my way to have this body goal may be struggling, but it's shaping my habits into the good ones. To not eating bad food, to eat regularly, to drink more fluids, and to exercise regularly. So if you think having body goals can kill you: No, it depends how you plan to reach the goals. We don't have to starve ourselves in order to get flat belly, we just need to drink more fluids or eat (since we need to listen to our body) some healthy snacks like fruits. Starve yourself is just gonna make your body sick, it's not healthy. We can get the healthy body by doing the healthy habits, that's just how the logic works.

So for whoever you are out there who has body goals; it's not just something you can dream about, you can also make it. Find your motivations, plan your strategies, and work for it.

Because when you keep on doing it, one day it's no longer be your goals. And you might be someone else's goals.

This post is just some opinion and perspective of what I think work best to reach my body goals. I know other people may have different opinions and that's definitely normal. Find what best suits you, but don't forget to keep loving yourself. I may not be a professional about all this stuff, so let's just share our thoughts! Let's motivate each others!

That's it, thanks for reading, readers,
and let's reach our body goals together!

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