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Hello, readers!

Back at another YouTube Fan Fest hype post, but I'm gonna tell you more about how I got the ticket of Meet & Greet and the Meet & Greet itself.

So it was started on Wednesday, 21st October. I had a freelance at that day since morning to evening, full-time, around Palmerah, West Jakarta. My friend, who went to YouTube Fan Fest with me (as you can read in my previous post), also had a freelance but she did it around Menteng/Manggarai.

We already got a plan to pick our free YouTube Fan Fest tickets at Kota Kasablanka after we'd done our jobs. And so we did it as we planned. We both finished our jobs around 6 p.m. and rushed to Kota Kasblanka, since we only got an hour left to pick up our tickets. After we got what we wanted, we just chilled at the mall for a few hours, eating sweet toasts and coffee, as a reward of our good jobs today. And celebrated our free tickets!

We went home around 9 p.m. I was so tired yet happy on that day, because I finally got my unexpected ticket. I was so hyped the whole night that I couldn't sleep. Later I found out that it wasn't because I was too excited. It's because the caffeine that I drank earlier. So, since I couldn't sleep, I just went crazy on my social medias. Twitter - Path - Instagram - YouTube - Twitter - Path - and so on...

I remembered it clearly, it was exactly a few minutes after mid night, I suddenly wanted to checked on Bethany Mota's Twitter feeds. I was planned to know about her departure in Jakarta. When I opened her tweet, the latest tweet that she tweeted was:

It was tweeted 14 minutes ago. I was like !??!?! (if only I can express that) and wildly opened the link to join it. The wifi wasn't really good so I need to do some other things to actually open the link. While waiting on the screen to load, I checked on her tweet's replies so I could see who already registered on the link. So far I only saw 1 reply that said she'd just registered.

Anyway, I checked on the replies also because when I tried to registered, there was one form (about telephone number, I believe) that I couldn't fill. It kept saying that I didn't fill it with the right format. Wait, what? What any other possible formats to fill telephone number?? I refreshed the link and did it again, but still the same result. I opened with another browser but still the same result. Later, the link wasn't able to be reached. I believe it was the time when the author changed the format, because after I kept on trying to open the link, it finally opened and I finally could pass the confusing form. So, yay!

Not like the previous quiz that I joined, I had such huge expectations of getting the ticket this time. Judging by the replies on her tweet, only a few fans that had alert about this bonus Meet & Greet registration, since it was already mid night. By the way, I said bonus because every YouTubers at YouTube Fan Fest would already having their Meet & Greet on the same day of the event. Including Bethany Mota. So that was like an extra Meet & Greet that she held to meet her Motafam.

The next day, I got the e-mail that said I win the Meet & Greet, and I would be informed for the venue (where) on the next e-mail on Friday. A day later, I got another e-mail telling me about more details of the event. I was so excited because I was really gonna meet Beth! Couldn't wish any better than this! Oh, He granted my wish though (or other person's wish ;))! By the next morning, I got another e-mail telling me that I could bring my plus one! Yay! It would be way more fun if you could fangirl together with your friend, right? That was what I was going to do!

I asked one of my friends whom I knew that she also a fan of Bethany Mota. Previously she knew that I got the ticket to Beth's Meet & Greet, and was jealous about it. So, why not asking her? She first said yes, but then she said she had another thing to do so she couldn't come to the Meet & Greet. Well then, so basically I had one free ticket (as my plus one) for Beth's Meet & Greet. What did I do about it?

No, I didn't sell it *lol*. I knew there were a lot Motafam out there were wishing to get the ticket, with or without money. I got the ticket by free though, so I just wanted to give this ticket freely. I shared on my social medias asking whether there were any people who wanted to be my plus one meeting Beth. I ended up shared it on Twitter, asking the account YouTube Fan Fest Indo to retweet my tweet. By seconds, I got a lot of mentions asking me to let them be my plus one. I had no idea how to pick the lucky one, though, but my friend suggested me to just chose the first one who mentioned me.

Long story short, me and this new friend of mine (her name is Anas Tasya) were going to the Bethany Mota's Meet & Greet. The Meet & Greet was held in Sheraton Hotel Ballroom, so we agreed to meet at Gandaria City before we went to Sheraton Hotel. We were there at 6 p.m., and there were like 4 lines already! We were on the 4th line!

Not too long after that, Beth finally came in! We screamed like crazy. Beth looked really really gorgeous with a romper, a leather jacket, and some booties. Finally I was going to meet her in person, such a great experience! The procedure was we could take pictures with Beth using our own cellphone. But, no, we couldn't take selfies. The crew would take the pictures for us while we did the meet & greet with Beth. We could give Beth any gifts we wanted to give, but there were no autographs or anything other then posing, giving gifts, and had a little chats.

Finally my time had come. I actually got 2 phones that took my moments with Beth. The first one was my phone, and the other one was other fan's phone in front of me in the line who asked me to recorded her moment with Beth. When I was still recording her with her cellphone, the crew asked for my phone, so I gave my phone. But then the other crew asked her phone (that I still held) because she thought it was the other phone that I wanted to be taken with!

As my hands were free, I finally went to approach Beth. She was sooo beautiful, I'm telling you! She wasn't look too tall, probably the same height as me if she didn't wear her booties. I approached her happily opening my arms to hug her. I told her she was so gorgeous and apologized for not bringing her any presents. She said it was totally okay with that. Oh, she also said she liked my outfit! We took pictures, and then it was over.

I was too excited, yet too frozen to think any other activities that I could do with Beth. I could actually chat more, or probably did a cute pose. Meanwhile, I only did some boring things that made my moment didn't stand out. But, oh, I was still happy though. Before we went out of the Ballroom, we took pictures with Tony Mota, Beth's Dad. We first wanted to take selfies with Casper Donat, who was responsible for this amazing YouTube Fan Fest event, but didn't got the time to. After that we went out and decided to have dinner with Anas' family.

Yay, so happy with the day! Meeting Beth was the second time I got the opportunity to meet my favorite celebrities in person. The first one was Adam Young from Owl City on May. I wasn't too clumsy this time, but I was still too "uninsightful" to think more about this one time opportunity. But, oh, still so happy!

By the way, these are the pictures that the crew took from my phone:

Yea, I know, the second one is pretty failed. The crew also said that he took one of them badly.. Oh, why don't you just take another good one then! :( But, well, I uploaded that ugly one on my Instagram after I put some sticker on my mouth *lol*. The pictures that were taken by other fan's phone are above, the one that I'm using as this post's thumbnail.

So that's all my experience! Pretty sure  this is only exciting for me, or Motafam that read this. But, oh, thank you so much for reading, readers!


P.S. I wanted to share another thing:

I'm really really glad that I decided to give my plus one to a lucky person out there. I was so sad that a lot people took opportunity by selling the tickets (YouTube Fan Fest and Meet & Greet) with unexpectedly really high price, while they got the ticket by free! Crazy! I was in that situation, while I still had no idea that I would won the ticket from Sunsilk. I was in desperate need to get the ticket, looking out for people who had more tickets but most of them were selling it in high price, I was so furious. So when I got the opportunity to be in the seller's position, I took the opposite way. I gave it for free. The only condition that people need to fulfill in order to be my plus one was a Motavator or part of the Motafam. In other word, a fan of Bethany Mota. By that, so I could think that I was sharing my happiness with the right people who deserved it. And I think my decision was actually shaped by the universe for my plus one. I really had no idea she would be the one that would get it, but I know she was very grateful about it.

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