Proper Lunch with My Squad: Imperial Cakery

2:26 AM

Hello, readers!

Gotta tell you my review about this place, so let's just get to it...

My friends and I had a proper lunch today. I call it a proper lunch because we had lunch exactly at 12 o'clock. Yes, we rarely done that if we want to eat outside.

I just knew this place yesterday night and I fell in love with the place right after we stepped in. The name of the restaurant is Imperial Cakery. I'm telling you it's not a cake shop, it's a restaurant alright.

I had high expectation with the restaurant since I found the place has high rate and very nice reviews on Zomato. When we came in, the place was empty. Only one table that was filled.

The decoration, the lightning, and the space between the tables make the ambiance is so cozy. There are two area of the dining room; the one that is in the higher floor, and the one that is a bit to the corner like a little alley and closer to the kitchen. We chose to sit in the second area because both side of the table has sofa on it. The only disadvantage that comes with the area that we chose is you can hear some loud noises from the kitchen since the kitchen is literally in front of you. Other than that, it's very cozy and personal (because you're further than other people). Oh, by the way, the place is inside of a mall, so don't expect that the dining room is big and wide.

Looking at the menu, the prices are pretty cheap for a western food restaurant. The waiter told us that they were having a promotion 30% off for every meals this month, if the customers have the member card. If you don't have the member card, you can make it just for IDR 100.000 and you can get so many advantages from it.

For the lunch, I picked the Fettucini Pasta Pink Salmon and lemonade.

My friends had Penne Pasta Barbecue Sausage and hot tea,

Fettucini Linguini with Salmon and Mushroom Sauce and sweet hot tea, and

Spaghetti Bolognese with Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu and Passion Fruit Tea (I think).

When they all came out, the foods were looking gorgeous! And, they were also gorgeously delicious! They had perfect amount, they tasted great, and so instagramable (#relatable!).

I'm deadly very happy of my first time trying the place. They also gave us two complementary ice that regular customers can get by following and mentioning the Twitter @imperialcakery, but we didn't tweet or follow any!

We also had a dessert, the Chocolate Truffle Cake. It tasted good, but still give 10 stars to the main courses, not the cake. Funny how the name of the place is the Imperial *Cakery* but the highlights are not the cake.

But over all, I really love the place, I'll definitely come back. The only issue the place had was the wifi connection! They have wifi connection but I don't think it's connected to the internet.., or at least it didn't work when I tried that today.

I gave the place 5.0 rate on Zomato because it deserves it! For any university students around Depok, I highly recommend this place for your a-bit-fancier-hangout-place. Or for when you're looking for some place to do you assignments. This place is great. That is what my first impression.

If you know some other good places around Depok that you've tried, let me know!

That's it for the foodie post,
Thanks for reading, readers!

P.S. Here are some of our moments that were taken:

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