The Pilot

1:05 AM

Hello, readers! Nice to know you,
Just a quick story about how I can end up making this new blog, here it is..

I once had a blog when I was still on high school, and I'm in my senior year in college right now. I used to write down my daily interesting life *not really* everyday. Actually writing never really my favorite thing to do, but lately I've been looking for something that I can get productive at. And yes, not gonna lie, something that can make me money.

Once again, I'm in my senior year, I might have to work soon, I'm just trying to adjust myself with this real life industry.

Everything's not just about money by the way, I'm also interested in sharing my story about everything that I see, hear, & feel, but you don't. YouTube always looks cool for me but I have lack of cool camera to record and I don't think I have cool ideas to make it into a video, so Blogger it is.

Long story short, at one night after a long rough day doing what I do as a college student, I made this blog. This post was made at that day. No, I'm still making it actually while I'm still typing this down.

So that's it,
It's just an intro anyway, it's okay I already have in mind what I want to post here regularly.

for reading, readers!

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