TRESemmé The Runway #1

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Hello, readers!

As you can see from the title above, I'm gonna share with you my first ever runway experience by TRESemmé. The event was held on Saturday, September 19 at Senayan City, one of the malls in Jakarta.

The story behind how I found the news about the event is kind of sad and exciting.. So let's just get into it.

If you don't know yet, I'm currently living in a rental room near my university. This new term of my uni life has way more loads than the previous 6 terms. That's why ever since the term has started, I rarely come back home, even at the weekend.

On weekdays, I only have classes from Monday to Thursday. So *ideally* I *should* have free time from Friday to Sunday. But not for senior student like me, I spent my thursday night and the whole day of friday doing a bunch of assignments. Like the previous weekend, I told my Mom I wouldn't come home again for the whole weekend. I told Mom I had so many things to do, and yes I DID have so many things to do that I wouldn't bother meeting my family (even that makes me happy) just to make me more anxious about my undone works. Mom expected me to come home because my Dad was going to go through catheterization by Saturday, but I chose to stay at my place and work hard, and she understood.

I forgot about the day, maybe Thursday maybe Wednesday, but I knew the whole information about the event was around those days, at midnight.

Previously, I always saw people posting this picture about the event on Instagram but I wasn't really aware about the content. I didn't saw the image clearly and I didn't read the caption at all. I thought it was just one of the runway that Gani modeled, I didn't even think that would be in Indonesia.

But then Gani also posted it, and put a caption like "Come join the runway with me.. Register yourself.. Yada yada #tresrunway2015". She actually wrote it in Bahasa, so that was what caught my attention. Since the event had a particular hashtag, I opened the hashtag and gather all the information as much as possible. This event got my interest so much that I finally chose to message the contact person asking about the event and how to register. Too bad I had zero balance, and since it was midnight, I went to sleep and planned to do it the next day.

The next days were pretty busy that I actually forgot about the runway until Friday midday. I saw on Instagram that the Asia's Next Top Model cycle 3 finalists, Aimee and Monika, already arrived in Indonesia. Them and Gani, Tahlia, and Rani also posted some hypes to the Instagram that made me go craaaazy about wanting to join the runway.

I have so much considerations that day that I *once* thought it would be okay to not join the runway this year, maybe next year. What motivated me to join the runway were:

  1.  I love Ayu Gani! I would love to see her by my own eyes! And also the other models,
  2. It's totally a great big opportunity for me to join such event in fashion setting, 
  3. The experience is worth every minutes, and 
  4. I may don't have high expectation, but the reward for the winner is too much to handle.

And what held me back from joining it were:

  1. I was really in stressful situation thinking about how many works I should done that weekend,
  2. If I join the runway, I'll lose my time to do my works,
  3. I already said to my Mom I would stay at my place and doing my work,
  4. Even if there are no works, I wouldn't dare choose to join the runway instead of go home to see my Dad who's going to have a surgery, I felt like I didn't respect him, and
  5. I wasn't at home. I didn't bring my whole wardrobe at my place. I didn't bring any proper clothes to do the runway!!

As you can see, there are more barriers than motivations. I wrote in my Snapchat how I wish the event was cancelled until next week. Suddenly one of my friend replied me back telling that she's joining the runway! It shocked me.. That made me want to join the runway even worse. I was so confused that there were too many considerations to think about. After collecting some more information about the event and about my Dad, I finally had something in my mind.

First, I was planning to finish all my major tasks on Friday night, so if I ended up join the runway, I wouldn't think about the tasks again. Second, I asked one of my friends to accompany me IF I really ended up joining the runway. Even if in any situations I actually couldn't join the runway, I would still gonna have fun with my friend at the mall. And third, I asked my Mom when will my Dad having a surgery, and for how long. Because the priority was my Dad. I wouldn't go if I didn't know how my Dad's condition is. I'd go if I already got the news the next day. All I know was my Dad was going to have surgery at 6 a.m., but I didn't know until when. I was just going to make sure when I'd be good to go, so then I'm good to go.

So that day (Friday), I worked until late night to finish my assignments, and then had a little survey on my wardrobe to work tomorrow, then I went straight to bed. I set my alarm early in the morning so I could prepare for any possibilities that the next day would give me. After that, I went to sleep. Anxiously.

To be continued...

P.S. I didn't tell my Mom that I had plan to join the runway the next day. So it was really some mission impossible going on here.

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