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9:07 PM

Hello, readers!
With this post I want to tell you about my URL and my blog title.

As you can see, my URL is bananaberryjuice. Yes, it is a banana-strawberry mixed juice. Why? Simply because I love that juice! Okay I may have some other reasons behind that...

On Instagram, I'm following this one gorgeous woman that always have, like, the best picture ever taken. I don't remember how I can ended up following her, but as long as I can remember, I always double tap her pictures every time I see them on my timeline. Not too long ago, I found out that she's actually a blogger. The blog is very clean and simple and elegant. And what concerned me most was her blog title. The title is: Vanilla Extract.

If that name is familiar in your ears, congratulations! You're such an up to date person!

At first I felt like a cool blog should have like a cool name, and Vanilla Extract sounded so cute and childish to me, not cool. But I still think that the blog, and her, is very cool anyway. And so when yesterday I suddenly had the idea to make a new blog, the first thing I was thinking was to find a fresh, simple, sweet blog URL, just like Vanilla Extract.

Back to what I said earlier, I love banana-berry juice a lot, and I thought the name was pretty fresh and cool. Long story short, that's how I finally use the URL name. But why am I using it as the URL and not the blog title? Because I thought I'd still looking for other (more matchy) names as I'm running the blog. I didn't really have the exact idea what I would do with the blog, so I thought let's just let it go with flow, name's later. ...But the name is also telling the truth, I'm a banana addict. I love bananas!

And so that's it. That's how bananaberryjuice was made.

Thanks for reading, readers!
If you haven't got your dream blog title yet, I hope you can find it soon!

P.S. The name of the owner of Vanilla Extract is Nichole Ciotti. Just wanna let you know. Find her on Instagram! You're going to love her!

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