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Hello, readers!

Do you guys put YouTube into one of your daily social media lives?

I mean, do you always go to YouTube everyday to check on any new videos just like what you do to other social medias (like Twitter or Instagram)?

Because I do.

I can't remember when did I start doing this but I just realized I'm obsessed with YouTube. I have a YouTube channel, yes, you can see it on my side bar, but you will be disappointed if you find out what's in my channel.

Well, to be honest, I only make YouTube channel because: 1. I have a GMail account, so why not?, and 2. It's because so I can subscribe my favorite YouTubers! ...Yes, those are the real reasons.

The person who brought me into YouTube was my brother, who introduced me into MysteryGuitarMan (Joe Penna) channel, while I was still in high school. Since then, I was kinda interested to dig more about any YouTubers but I just couldn't find *and didn't want to* just watch some random videos. I remember I was in the Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson era while they were still in their YouTube channels before they became real life stars. I remember also some other YouTubers, but other than that, I just went to YouTube to look at my favorite singer's music videos or live concerts. (Ironically, now I realize that I don't really like to watch music videos.)

Then for like half a year ago, I started to watch YouTube regularly every day. The first YouTuber that made go overboard on YouTube was Ann Reardon from her channel How To Cook That. She makes gorgeous looking delicious cakes and I was obsessed to watch them videos! Bethany Mota, her channel was Macbarbie07, is also my first YouTuber that I was dig into, and also Simon and Martina from their channel EatYourKimchi.

For now, I subscribed almost 40 YouTube channels that I like to be kept updated. Including the famous Felix from PewDiePie, Ryan Higa, and Bunny from Grav3yardgirl. Not to mention I also
subscribed my favorite musician's official and personal channels, and also some cooking channels that I like to watch in the middle of night. (I know you also do that!)

For fashion channels, I subscribed Claudia Sulewski, Michelle Phan, and I just found out this YouTuber today, her name's Nika Erculj. I watched one of her videos, two, three.. and I'm obsessed with her channel.

She might doesn't have that very cool and unique editing on her videos but I really LOVE her style (fashion preference and make up); she has a simple yet cool clothing preference and natural make up. More importantly: I'm obsessed with her body!! As you know from my previous post, I'm currently into healthy lifestyle in order to get a healthy *and* fit looking body. And she definitely has that! She's tall and fit and some of her videos are about healthy lifestyle and exercise and I'm into that very much.

She also tries on haul (just like any other female fashion YouTubers) and I love how every clothes look good on her body. She also makes videos about how to keep motivated on your health behavior and, um, you're actually my current motivations, girl, you rock.

So do you have any YouTube obsession just like me? Who is your favorite YouTubers? Tell me on the comment section down below..

And that's it, thank's for reading, readers!

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