YouTube Fan Fest Indonesia [UPDATED: Quiz Announcement]

11:02 PM

Hello readers!

I just knew this news a few minutes ago and I'm screaming right now. So I want to tell you about the YouTube Fan Fest Indonesia.

YouTube Fan Fest is basically like a convention of national and international YouTubers. This is the very first event live in Indonesia on Friday, October 23 at Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta. It's 5 days more!

The YouTubers that join the event are:
  • Bethany Mota
  • EdhoZell
  • Cheryl Raissa
  • Eka Gustiwana
  • Gamaliel Audrey Cantika
  • IndoVidgram
  • Jakarta Beatbox
  • Linda Kayhz
  • Macy Kat
  • Mike Tompinks
  • Natasha Farani
  • Sam Tsui
  • Kurt Hugo Schneider
  • SkinnyIndonesian24
  • TheOvertunes
  • Young Lex

The official tickets are already sold out, so if you want to join, go find some quizzes on Twitter! They actually don't sell the tickets. You can get it free, as long as you register as fast as possible. The ticket box opened from September 21 at 10 a.m. The artists and sponsors also sell the tickets theirselves, but mostly already sold out. Sunsilk and HP are still running the competition though, go check their Twitter accounts!

The event starts at 8 p.m. (open gate: 7.30 p.m.) for approximately 2 hours. There will be a mashup of music, comedy, and beauty all together on the stage. And also some Meet and Greets!

I definitely want to meet Bethany Mota! As I told you in the previous post, she is the first YouTuber that I subscribed and followed her ever since. She's just the first person who make me fall into YouTube as an active watcher! Not to mention her videos are all interesting and inspiring.

As you might guess, I'm also joining the competition to get the ticket on Twitter. I registered both Sunsilk and HP quizzes. Here, let me tell you some simple rules you have to follow in order to join both quizzes:

For Sunsilk, you just have to tweet about your dream (yes, any kind of dreams!) and also the reasons why you want to come to #YTFFID. You also must use the hashtag #KilauMimpimu. The competition is open until midnight, TODAY (October 18). I don't see whether they ask you to follow them or not, but I think it's better to follow them. They also didn't tell you how many times you can tweet, so you probably can tweet as much as you want! More tweets, bigger chance! If you want to know more, you better check their Twitter.

For HP, you just have to tweet about what you will do when you meet your favorite YouTuber(s). You can also attach a picture or a video that help you describe what you mean. The format of the tweet is "Gue akan (what will you do?) kalau ketemu (mention to your favorite YouTuber(s) account(s)) @hanyaHPuntukku @Intel_Indonesia #HPYTFFID". The competition is *also* open until midnight, TODAY (October 18). They also didn't tell you how many tweets you should tweet or whether you should follow them or not, just like Sunsilk. I think it's no problem to follow them, just do good thing for them, they might give you the ticket! If you want to know more, also check their Twitter!

That's it guys for the news, I really wish I can get the ticket and watch Bethany live. Good luck for you too who want to join the competition! May the odds be ever in our favor!

Thank's for reading, readers!

P.S. DO NOT BUY THE TICKET especially when the price is SO HIGH. Remember, the ticket is actually free. So if you desperately want to go to the event and okay to spend your money.. don't forget to make a wise decision :) Once again, good luck!


Sooo I have a really good news! ......I GOT THE TICKET!

I win the quiz from Sunsilk, they called me this evening. I'm so happy you can't even imagine! They didn't tell me about the procedure yet, but they'll keep me up to date. 

I just want to let you know that this means I can give you a review of the event later, because I will be there. I still wish I can get the Meet & Greet with Bethany though, but I don't put too much hopes on it because this free ticket already such a big surprise for me

That's it for the update, if you're still fighting to get the ticket, good luck! If you're already got the ticket, meet you there!

Thank's again for reading, readers!

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