Zalora Wishlist [UPDATED: 15% off voucher code]

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Hello, readers!

Zalora has been my addiction lately. Well, I've always been addicted to online shopping, but Zalora is my first decision to go for some online window shopping. It's an online shopping website that sells many brands on it. I really like to put everything on my wishlist and this post is gonna show you my wishlist for now. Here they are...


1. Colourblock Ruffle Hem Dress from ZALORA
IDR 249.000 (before: IDR 599.000)

I think it's just very cute and gonna really show the shape of your body and gonna makes you looks thinner because of those patterns on the sides of the waist. You can wear it for formal or semi-formal occasions and just go with your favorite heels!


2. Midi Chiffon Panel Skirt from ZALORA
IDR 134.000 (before: IDR 349.000)

It's a midi skirt, and I've been wanting a midi skirt for a long time. I think it's gonna look good with a black or white 3/4 sleeves tee, and some necklaces. You can definitely wear this for your casual, semi-formal, or formal look because it's just simple and will never go wrong.


3. Denim Skirt from Lois Jeans
IDR 207.600 (before: IDR 259.500)

Not like the other two, this one is for your casual look. It's a very cute and very edgy. It goes well on some loose tees and your favorite sneakers. I'm definitely looking forward to wear this skirt!


4. Contrast Sleeveless Top from CPS
IDR 299.500 (IDR 599.000)

It's also for your casual looks. It looks soft and it's white, so you can wear any bottoms to complete your looks. It's also gonna look good with some necklaces. I just need some simple tops like this so I can mix match it with other clothes! Simple tops ftw!


5. Basic High Heel Sandals with Ankle Strap from ZALORA BASICS
IDR 209.000 (before: IDR 299.000)
I love Zalora Basics! I really need every fashion basics they have because.. well, because I don't have any. And because it's basic, it will never go wrong with any of your clothes. You can wear jeans with it, skirt, or dress, on your daily basis. To be honest, I don't have any "daily heels" that I can wear, so it's really my wishlist to buy this heels!


6. Metallic Pointed Slip Ons from ZALORA
IDR 429.000

I know you know it already after seeing this picture. Yes, I want this because it's basically on trend. I think it's cool and even thought it's on trend, the actual shape of the shoes are not really common. The combination of black and silver metallic is just make it looks cooler than some regular shoes. Ya, I want them!


 7. Embossed Floral Slip On Sneakers from ZALORA
IDR 379.000

Yes, it has floral pattern on it, you can't barely see it from this picture. It's just a regular black slip ons that I can wear daily. I know H&M has something like this too, but I don't really like the material. I don't know, I just don't trust them when I first touched them. Meanwhile, I think these ones are more promising (even thought I have never seen them in real life. So it's nothing to lose, right?), so I put Zalora slip ons as my wishlist!


And so that's all my wishlist. I really hope I can buy them as soon as possible. I also have another wishlist from another online stores, but since Zalora is having a great sale, I'm gonna put my mind on Zalora wishlist first.

I'm really sorry if I wrote simple, useless, bad description on each items, I'm just not used to it. I usually choose something that I want to buy just because I love it. No reasons. I feel like we have chemistry, so I just grab and buy those things. So we can be together. But I'll try to write and give you more relatable desciption next times.

That's it for the post, thank's for reading, readers!



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  1. hey I have a voucher code for 15% discount at Zalora! post..!! this is the code ZBAPdR3

    Basic X Classic

    1. Hey, thanks girl! I'll update my post to put the code then :)


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