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Hello, readers!

So this phenomenon has been happening in Indonesia lately that it turns out to be something ordinary. If you're an Indonesian, you'd realized about this fraud that's been going on for a long time, yet we don't do anything about it.

It's 90% you'll be the victim of this fraud if you: have a cellphone! If you have a cellphone, you'll get random text messages telling you that you win some random lottery. Let me just give you an example of the text message:

"The honored customer, your number just got cash worth 100 million rupiahs for winning a lottery from PT. Indosat. Pin: 987a339. For further information click on our website:" with really bad typing.

It was just a random day when I got this message. I always curious to see what they did to make their evil plan work, so I tried to open the link they gave me. It's not my first time opening such online fraud website, but I always chocked to see the website. They made this website in a ridiculous way. They tried hard, I can tell... I know people who did this isn't actually "really smart" or "skillful" or anything, but it still looks like they'd be pretty handy with internet. I just hate it so much how they choose to fool other people instead. They can make website, why don't they just make an online store? Or any possibilities to earn money in a good way?

Notice that there is my pin in the second picture? It says "Waiting for Confirmation" beside it, yet some of the pins are already filled with the profiles of the winners. Bullshit happens right there.

They also put random pictures on the sidebar, just giving as much information as needed to make the website is actually a real thing. The one above is a picture of "evidence" that the website is already legalized by the governor (the man on the right), WHICH is definitely a photoshopped... 

Most people might already know that this is a fraud message, and will probably ignore it. Judging by how many typos they made and also the link of the website which using blogspot, there's no way possible that this is a real deal. But Indonesia is not a developed country. We're still developing. It means that there are still a lot of people out there who is not as "lucky" as I am. Or you, who's reading this. There are still a lot of people who doesn't really know internet much, not as smart as we are, and if they look at this, they'll probably fall to the trap. 

Wait, what is the trap actually? Which part of all of these that can be classified as fraud? Let me just give you the image of how this thing would work. If you are one of the winner of this bullshit, you'd got informed by text message, the one in the first picture. You will open the link on the message to get further information about this. As you open the website, you'd see your pin there, the same as what you get on the text message. You see that they put so many (fake) evidences telling you that this is real, by showing pictures of some honored people, companies, and also the government. You start to trust it and seek for further information of how to claim your prize. Then you'd see the conditions you have to fulfill (the last picture), including to pay a certain amount of money to certain bank account. You do it, but then the prize is never sent to you, not like the story of the other winners who had claimed it that they posted on the website. So yeah.. you got fraud.

And that is just how I hate it. To think about if there are really someone out there who got fraud. And it'll definitely be someone who is in the lower economy class. It's really sad to think about. They might have hope to get the real prize, but then they got nothing yet lose something.

I really can't do anything to find who are all behind this, but I know something that we can do. Since the website is the main source of information, we need to stop the website. How? by opening this link, a Report a Phishing Page website page from Google. Basically it works like giving a flag to any websites you reported. I'm not really sure how, but maybe the more you report it, the bigger chance Google will banned it. I already report the website above, and please help me by also reporting to the link I gave you. If you know any online fraud websites, you can also write it down in the comment box below so we can all report it together.

I really wish this kind of thing is over, because it really makes me mad and sad. Since I finally know what to do, I'll just going to tell you about it. To simply prevent some cases that we don't want it to happen.

That's it for now, thank's for reading, readers!

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