2016 Wishlist ★

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Hello, readers!

Once again, happy new year 2016! How is your 2016 so far?

In this post I wanna share with you my wishlist for the year. I hope this wishlist will be realized in 2016, sooner or later. So, let's get into it!

1. Canon G7X

I saw this kind of camera several times used by some YouTubers. I also saw a lot of review from them and they seemed very impressed with it. Even though this camera is pretty expensive, but it's worth an investment (they said). As far as I know, this pocket camera has 20 mega pixel, pretty high! And I heard that it has a wifi so you can directly send the picture you just took to your cellphone! Oh, what a dream! Because to be honest, what I hate of having a camera other than my cellphone is when I have to spend time to transfer the pictures from the camera to the PC. And if I want to post that at my social media, I have to transfer that again to my cellphone. It takes too much time!

2. Classic Sheffield 36 mm Daniel Wellington (Rose Gold)

I always love classic watch. My current watch that I wear everyday is also a simple classic watch just like this. It's from Timex. But DW has their signature watch with 36 mm diameter that makes their watch looks more elegant. I love that!

3. Gold MacBook Laptop

I need a new laptop. I definitely need a new laptop. I've been with my laptop (HP 431) for about 3 years now. I was okay with any kind of laptops, but apparently it's hard to keep my laptop's condition to be in shape forever. My laptop's skin has this kind of material that got easily peeled off if I touch it regularly. So as you can guess, it looks like a mess now. And I'm a girl, so sometimes I'm embarrassed to use my laptop in public place. And lately a lot of YouTubers had Gold MacBook as their giveaway gifts, so I'm kinda wishing to have it right now.

4. Black Zip-Up Wallet

Okay, first, I really need a new wallet. To be honest, I've been using this wallet that I'm using since I was still a junior high student! ..And now I almost finish my study at my university. I changed my wallet once around my freshman year, and somebody stole it not so long after. Since then, I was too lazy and too upset to look for another new wallet. And now, I've been wanting to change my old and kiddy-looking wallet. I'm craving for a big simple black zip-up wallet just like the picture above. Above is the Coloured Zip-Up Wallet from Stradivarius, and I'm going to make it mine!

5. Black Biker Jacket

Look at that! Look at how flattering it is! I just need that. I'm okay whether it's leather or suede or cotton made. I aim my biker jacket by H&M and/or The Executive. Looking forward to greet this lil baby!

And that's it! I think that's all I have in mind right now. I might add more as the time goes by, and I'm gonna keep you updated if I really want something else. Anyway, for me "wishlist" is kinda different from "resolutions". Wishlist is more something that I wish I have, but it's not my priority. I will only buy these things if I have enough time and *of course* money to spend. I might as well going to post my 2016 resolutions later, just wait for it!

So what's your 2016 wishlist? Share yours in the comments section below!

Thank's for reading, readers!

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