Happy New Year 2016

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Hello readers!

First thing first: I wanna say Happy New Year 2016 to you all! I really hope we can get many happiness in 2016 and everything that hasn't been acquired in 2015 will come in 2016! Amen to that

So in this post I just want to share with you some highlights of my 2015. Apparently, before making this highlights idea I didn't really realised that I had so many things to be grateful at. Sometimes we all need to just sit back and think about what we've been trough and what we've got through the past. That way can help us be more grateful of our lives.

So let's get back to the point. I originally made this highlights idea for my Instragram. On Instargram, there are this 2015 Best Nine trend that's been going on for the new year. Basically it's just a bot that helps you collage your photos on your Instagram account. The photos are made from 9 most liked photos that you posted in 2015. The website is 2015BestNine.com, you just simply type your username and it'll automatically collage your photos!

Everyone in my Instagram timeline seems to do it, it's actually pretty fun to memorize. But I think this will work best with people who post like a lot! That way the collage that the bot choose will help them to remember those little things that they might missed. Yet for me, since I post things so rarely, and mostly I post something similar (one event, posted in different times) or just take it from the internet, it's gonna be really boring and just look like I post some duplicates. Boring.

So I decided to make my own best nine!

Those picture collage above are the highlights of my 2015:

1. The Owl City Concert
This was happened on 25th of May. I always been in love with Adam Young, and his project Owl City. I watched his first concert in Indonesia in 2011, but I didn't watch his second in 2012. So when he decided to came back again and doing some intimate concert with his fans, I'm in! And the best part is I finally got to do Meet & Greet with him. That day I felt like that was the best of my life.

2. First time making my own money
So I joined Unilever as a freelancer. My job was doing observation with the SPG and the Shop Leader. It was realy tiring, yes, but it's worth every energy. I spent my first money ordering some pizzas for my family.

3. The Cat Cabin
I wasn't sure about this memory before, but every time I went back to this place, I always felt like home. I really am a cat person though, I think that's why I'm so happy to be in this place. I always want to work as a part-timer there, but I haven't got the chance to. Wish me luck in 2016!

4. TRESemmé The Runway
As you know, I've been into modelling lately because of watching Asia's Next Top Model. And then this event really gave me more confidence of embracing myself to reach what I dream of. Somehow this event just changed the way I looked at myself. Now I believe that I'm pretty inside and outside.

5. Komisi Nasional Perlindungan Anak (Komnas Anak) Internship
I was an intern in Komnas Anak (National Comission of Child  Protection), specifically as a counselor. I always wanted to learn how to deal with any kind of person face to face, that's why I chose to join it. At first I wasn't sure why I chose this specific organization, since I never like kids. But now I never regret that I was a part of it. Really wish I can be back and help again.

6. YouTube Fan Festival
I always love watching some on-stage performance, like concerts. But I didn't expect to enjoy YTFF that much! Every single aspects of the event is just too perfect to be true, I love it. I also got the chance to do Meet & Greet with Bethany Mota, it's beyond my imagination. And the best part is, I literally got both tickets by luck. I got YTFF tickets by winning an online quiz and I got Meet & Greet  ticket (technically) because I drank coffee on the evening. I told you, it was the highlight of my year.

7. My Cat From Hell
I love Jackson Galaxy! I learn a lot from him, the cat whisperer aka Cat Daddy. When he came to Indonesia, I wouldn't miss a chance to see him in person!

8. Graceland
I really love this tv show so much, it is so intense! I found this show accidentally and fell in love with it. I really am grateful for knowing this show, watching from season 1 to season 3. The show was cancelled a few months ago and that made me sad, but I'm happy I know it before it was discontinued.

Last but not least,

9. 7th Semester
This semester was hella sick. I felt like I almost couldn't make it. There were too much responsibilities with impossible work lots. I was literally tired all day. Beside those, I learnt so much from this semester, academically and non-academically. I'm just very happy I finally make it through. I worked my heart out in this semester and I just wish everything will be paid off equally as good.

So that's it. That's my 9 highlights of 2015. I know I actually gained a lot more than just these, but if I write them all, it would be too long.

I really hope things will get way better in 2016. Learning from 2015, I didn't make any resolutions, but I just took every single opportunity that life gave me. I think I'll do that in 2016. But for wishes, I wish I can graduate from my study and continue to be a postgraduate student. I also wish to work successfully on my shop. Wish me some luck!

So what's your resolutions/wishes for 2016? Tell me down bellow!

That's it for this post, thank's for reading, readers!

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