Home Decor Giveaway by Ingrid Nilsen!

9:31 PM

Hello, readers!

So, I found another giveaway that a YouTuber has. This time is the home decor giveaway. It's actually just a simple giveaway. It doesn't need too much effort to do (like sharing or reposting stuffs) which sometimes that makes us lazy to do it.

This is the original video that tells us about the giveaway:

Now for the fun part: the giveaway is ...a candle! As you know, we've been all about scented candles lately. And Ingrid is simply want to send us one of her favorite candle so we can smell the delighted scents that she likes. The candle is from the brand KOBO which is the Himalayan Spring Juniper one.
It has Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus Bud, and Cedar. She said if you know the smell of Fresh Balsam from Bath & Body Works, it is similar to it. But waaay better.. As she said. Since I don't know both of them, so I can't tell you more about it. But if you're interested to smell it, just join the giveaway!

The rule is simple, (1) you only need to subscribe, (2) like the video, (3) and give her a book recommendation in the comment section. The owner of the book advice that she ended up buying is the winner. The giveaway is open from February 3 to February 28. The winner will be contacted through private YouTube message on March 31. Very easy!

That's it! I really love to share this kind of things to you, readers, since it's always fun to actually winning something that *to be honest* we have low probablity of. But who knows? Maybe she choose you book recommendation. So good luck!

Thank's for reading, readers!

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