Spell Bound from the Hex Hall Trilogy [Book Review]

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Hello, readers!

So I just finished a new book yesterday.

I've been collecting the trilogy about a year ago but I never got the chance to finish it because: 1. I don't have money to buy it (I usually ended up spending my money on other things), 2. I don't want to read it (as if.. not until the term is over). But I've been using my second point to justify it since last term, and yesterday I finally wanted to ignore my insecurities and chose to love myself for once. So I finally bought it.. impulsively.

The book is Spell Bound. It's the third book of Hex Hall trilogy. In general, I highly recommend the trilogy. You should read them if you haven't!

I'm not going to tell you the whole story because I don't want to spoil you, but it is a nice fantasy novel for your daily munch. It's about a teenage girl who has a magic power but she couldn't control it and made a lot of incidents. So she was sent to a magic school for the troubled (magical) kid, and for the first time, she was left alone without her Mom around (because she should stay at the school).

Long story short, I've read the first and second of the book. The trilogy is really good. Very light. Very funny, the girl is very "American" if I can say that, because she has a great sense of humor to make you giggle while you read. And so I have a great expectation for the third book, which is the last one.

I know it's always been hard to end a story. To end a story and satisfy the readers. And for me, the book didn't satisfy me enough.

The story line is pretty good though. It's very twisted, which is good. It's still full of surprises here and there. But the longer I read it, the more obvious that I feel the story line is being "rushed" or "pressed" or whatever it is the word to describe the story is actually should be more elaborated, yet it's just... like that.

For examples (spoiler alert):

The story where the team should go to Hell and got as much Demonglass as they could, I really hope they had massive story there. Why? Because Sophie already got her power back, and Hell is actually not a place for Demon (who want to live), so I was really hoping that there were some fights or a little war or a little (MORE) struggle while they were there. Yet, they only had a few visions of their previously painful memories before they could find the Demonglass..

I mean, c'mon, you can be better than this...

And also, after the second vision, Sophie ended up want to cancel the plan and go back.

Wait, what? You just came in, girl, be strong for a little longer!

And also what I (pretty) hate the most is when the war started, when they finally went back to Greymalkin island to fight the Casnoff sisters (or only Lara Casnoff). I think it was going pretty well where the plan didn't go as planned: Aislinn and Finley were caught by Lara in the hole. After a mini fight between Sophie and Lara, Sophie had to focusing on helping her family, while Lara ran away.

I thought there was going to be a new plan on how to catch Lara after she ran away. A little more rustling, a little more magic duels. But right after she rescued Aislinn and Finley, Sophie didn't even do anything.. It's Mrs. Casnoff who catched Lara. Sophie only read the spell.

Seriously, it's not the war that I was thinking that would happen. It's very... unsatisfying.

And what bothered me the most is: Cal. He is (or should I say, was) the greatest, the sweetest, the strongest. Yet he only got painful/betrayal over and over again from the first book to the last one.

I love how he ended up to be some kind of a healing guardian ghost of Greymalkin island, ..but can't you give a little more happy story line for him? :( I'm sad. I'm really sad for Cal. He's like an untreasured hero. Rest in peace, Cal.

That's why I don't really think the third book is good enough. I really hope they can longer the story line, elaborate every scenes to be fuller with surprises. Otherwise that would be pretty satisfying.

And so that's it! That's my book review for Spell Bound.

I'm just a regular person who likes to read fiction novel, so it's just based on my opinion. I don't have any critician skills to judge this based on some professional kind of measurements. So you might have different opinions than mine.

Please write you opinion down below about Spell Bound, let's discuss this together!

Thank's for reading, readers!

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