Favorite Dancers

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Hello, readers!

I wanna tell you about my current two favorite dancers now!

1. Megan Batoon

Her name is Megan Batoon. She's sooo goals. Her skill on dancing. Her personality. Her body. Her friendship. Her life. Her everythang!!!!

I found her first at YouTube. She's currently a YouTuber. Her channel is Megan Batoon. She is friends with D-Trix and had a collaboration with D-Trix several times before. That was when I recognized her as a funny YouTuber and then became a subscriber of her.

She's now posting videos on YouTube weekly about her daily live, like a short summary vlogs of the week. She also posts some other videos like monthly Favorites, Question and Answers, and even dance videos. Oh, and she also has a show that called The Right Now Show. You may think that she's just that regular YouTuber girl, but trust me she's not. She's so funny and original. Here, I give you a clip of her video:

Her dance moves is also cool as fvck! My favorite is this one:

She's so cool, right!? She's deadly funny and pretty! She also has gorgeous body that I always want, yet she alwaaays eat fries (her favorite thing in the world) and korean barbecue.

Anyway, she's Ian Eastwood's girlfriend, the one who's in the GIF above. If you have read my Songs of the Month (January) post, you might notice the dancers on the Chivalry is Dead video is Ian and Megan.

Lately Megan made a blog. It's meganbatoon.com. She doesn't post things like mine since she already post a lot of thing on her YouTube channel. She only post her style, just like an Outfit Of The Day kinda pictures. And yes, her style is just so perfect. I'm into her style so much. The picture that I use above is actually from her blog. You can see that her style is just simple/basic yet stylish as fvck.

Summery of this post: Megan is goals.

2. Mina Myoung

Mina Myoung. She's a choreographer that taught dance class at 1MILLION Dance Studio in Korea. I'm very new to her. I just found her out when I was looking for a choreography for Sorry by Justin Bieber on YouTube (see Step UP (Literally)).

1MILLION channel is actually very popular right now. They posted soo many dance moves daily from different choreographers. I love Mina's type of dance moves so much, even though I'm not sure what is the name of it. Maybe.. Jazz Funk? Somebody please tell me in the comment section below if you know it!

I'll give you a video that I love that are hers (I downloaded this from YouTube and uploaded it again because I cannot find it from the Blogger widget):

Look how flowy the dance is? I loveee this choreography so much, but too bad they didn't make a tutorial out if it.

I'm really looking forward to meet her from any workshops that (I wish) she attend in Indonesia.

Anddd, she also has body goals. Yes, I know, at first I also thought that she probably always been that skinny. But actually we can spot her body changes. Please take a look at the video below:

Did you notice that her body was more buffy on the video above? Yes! Her body changed! And that gives me hope lol.

And so that's it! I hope you enjoy reading this...

Please tell me down below who's your favorite dancers and why? Do you agree with me that these two girls are (very) goals?

Thank's for reading, readers!

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