Step Up (Literally)

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Hello, readers!


Who doesn't like dancing!?

I'm pretty sure everyone likes to dance! And everyone can dance!

It's making dancing into a living that cannot be done by everyone. Only professional dancers that can do that.

As for myself, I like dancing as a hobby. No one knows about this though, I actually dance a lot alone with music in my room everyday. When I was a kid, I always want to join a dance group. Any dance groups. Modern dance or cheers, but my Mom never let me. Why? Because she said I would wear some "sexy" clothes that showed too much of my skin. But I once a traditional dancer when I was in the 3rd grade of elementary school though, only for a year.

But lately I've been trying to dance professionally. I mean, like, really dance according to choreography and beats, not just dancing uncontrollably.

Almost a year ago, I visited a dance class at Gigi Art of Dance. It was only a trial class for Jazz Funk class. As you may guess, I like it a lot! I enjoyed it so much! I learned the first part of Deja Vu by Beyonce. But, too bad I never continue the classes, since my Mom won't give me the permission.

That was actually the first time I danced by following a true professional dancer as the choreographer. When I was a freshman student in my university, I had danced at an event that was run by my batch. I danced Mr. Simple by Super Junior and Heavy Rotation by JKT48. That was fun, yes, by I danced reallllly bad. I mean, I never said that I dance bad, by I didn't have the "right energy" to dance professionally. Since I never learned it professionally before.

A month ago, my batch ran another event. It was called Last Performance. Literally our last performances before we finish our study and leave the university. And just like the previous event when I was still a freshman, I also volunteered as a performer. A dancer.

Since I already experienced the true dance with professional, now I know how to practice dance better than before. I was dancing in a group. We danced Sorry by Justin Bieber. And thank God, we killed it. At least that's what we think.

This is my swag team.
The picture above is actually supposed to be our closing pose of the dance, but we didn't do it because of some technical error. In order to complete the dance, we just took a picture of our closing pose after the event had finished.

Whenever I have moments like this, it reminds me that I always like to dance. I still cannot take a dance course from my Mom, but I will take one when I already make my own money.

For now, I tried to learn dance only from the tutorials at YouTube. There are a lot of tutorials that we can see and learn at YouTube, but I always attracted to the choreography of 1 Million Studio, a dance studio in Korea. Fortunately, they made tutorials of some dance moves. One of them is 7/11 by Beyonce. Yes, I'm learning it.

It has 4 parts of dance moves, but I only got the time to learn the first and second ones. It took me almost 2 hours each part to remember the moves.

Here, this is the clip of the Beyonce - 7/11 from 1 Million:

Cool, right!? I'm really looking forward to the time to continue learning the next moves, so I can dance like that.

By the way, the choreographer is the girl with the basketball shirt, she's Mina Myoung. I love her skill and energy so much!

I might still cannot do the perfect dance moves like the one in the video, since I learned it myself, but I know that I learned a lot from years ago. I changed a lot. I danced with more energy. I gave more concentration while dancing. Because I really do like dance, and I really do want to learn to dance.

I really hope that I can turn my hobby into real thing.

And so that's it for now, thank's for reading, readers!

Do you have any hobby that you wish you could be good at? Share with me!

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