Thesis: The Roller Coaster of Self-Efficacy

11:27 PM

Hello, readers!

Yup, as you know, I'm in my senior year as an undergraduate student.

I'm currently working on my thesis. Yes, thesis. Thesis: the roller coaster of self-efficacy.

I used to be verrry excited to work on my thesis. It was actually already started since the previous semester, but it was only matching the students' perception of the topic with the teachers'.

My topic is about Health Behavior. I'm really into this topic. My interest on my research is actually based on my own experience. And I'm really curious about my research. As for that, this really helps me doing my thesis... I have high self-efficacy on my thesis.

But things happen. It's not a simple journey. There's so many things that has passed. So many discussions with the teachers. Most of them are very intriguing, some of them can punch you back to the Earth. Some of them... can lower your self-efficacy on your thesis.

But you'll get use to it. As it for myself. You'll need some techniques to prevent having mental breakdown. My advice: know yourself more.

For me, I'm basically a very casual person. I have a low neurotic level. I'm like an "eh", "whatever", and "alright then" person. But I still can be frustrated with things, especially with my thesis. To deal with that, I have a few techniques.

Frustration happens mostly because you have things in mind. Bad things, usually. Questions. A lot of questions. And to deal with that, talk it out. Remember: you don't work alone in your thesis. You have your teacher, the supervisor. The one who is responsible for you. Talk it out, seek for answers. Trust me, this simple advice can help you from killing yourself at night.


I used to work day and night to finish my thesis. Literally. Since I really like the topic, I'm so high with enthusiasm. But one point you need to know about thesis: you cannot finish your thesis in just one night. Or one week.

Because I've passed so many nights working hard on it, after I got my first feedback from the teachers and they told me that I need to change the whole chapter of my thesis because I had a bad flow, I broke down. I lost my motivation. I curled into a ball of laziness.

Now, to deal with that, I only do my thesis from morning (or afternoon) to evening around 6 p.m. And I only do it outside my room. After I finish working, I'll go back home and won't touch anything about my thesis anymore until the next morning. And I do this everyday. I promise myself that I'll make a progress, even if it's just a little. By the end of the day (even though I no longer touch my thesis at night) I'll always proud of myself because of the progress I made that day. And this helps me keep my motivation up.

I'm not like an expert or anything, but these things work for me. It works to keep me doing what I should do: doing my thesis. And I hope these can work for you too.

I'm still not yet finish my thesis, but I tell myself that I'm getting closer and closer each day. So please, if you're currently working on your thesis (or will make a thesis anytime soon), don't let things break you down. It's not supposed to be that hard. Pick your favorite topic. Let your curiosity lead the way.

And the last words: may the lucks be with us!

And so that's it! Thank's for reading, readers!

P.S. Yes, that's why I don't post a lot lately, I'm busy working on my thesis :) Are you currently working on your thesis too? Share with me about your journey down below!

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