Future Guilty Pleasures

9:13 PM

Hello, readers!

As you know, I'm a muslim. I always been a muslim ever since I was born. I never question it and will never question it. I always want to be as best as I can to be a muslim, yet I'm not a perfect human. I don't even wear a hijab yet. I will, of course, one day (I want to!), but I don't feel like I'm ready right now.

And as a muslim, there are a lot of things in lives that are prohibited by my religion. Therefore, I would never do that. But somehow, I always wanna try that.

I can always hold my desires to do some prohibited things, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or some other things, but these are the few things that I'm pretty sure I will get in the future.

Here they are..

1. Industrial Piercing

I used to hate piercing. I still don't like piercing in general. But the first time I saw industrial piercing I was like curious as hell.

Bunny (grav3yardgirl)'s piercing was the first industrial piercing that I saw. It was flattering! She has many piercings on her ear, and the industrial piercing is the one that caught my eyes! Yet until today, I never really saw industrial piercing in real life. It's good to be the first in your circle, right?

Anyway if you didn't know, the industrial piercing is the piercing that use two pierce holes into one, just like the one above. Seriously I'm into that thing!

2. Tattoo

Tattoo! Tattoo is always interests me! It's just like an art in your body parts.

Seriously, a simple thin tattoo just like the one above is something that I always want. Since if I really want to have it in the future, I probably will only make a cute and simple one that I can cover up easily. This tattoo will be an eye pleasure for myself, not for dragging attentions to other people.

Since it's permanent, it will probably gonna take too long time for me to think about what shape that I want for my tattoo. I want to make my tattoo really meaningful for me. I don't want to have a tattoo that makes me hate to see it after I get up in the morning. Or a seasonal tattoo that bores me after awhile. It's going to be part of my body, after all.

That's it! I'm pretty sure I will have those two in the morning, when I have my own life, making my own money. I'm really looking forward to it, living life the fullest.

Thank's for reading, readers!

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