I'm A Cat Person

11:22 PM


So I'm just randomly thinking about something:

I am a cat person.

I know that I already knew this fact for a long long time ago since I always love cats.


I am a cat person.

Like, literally a cat person.

I feel like my spirit animal is straight up a cat.

First of all, cats are cool.

Nobody can argue with that.

Not even you!

Cat is an individual animal.. Me too. I love to be alone. I'm an introvert.

Cat doesn't care about drama. Well.. I hate dramatic things.

Cat loves to snuggle into warm places. Believe it or not, I love to do the same. To curl up into a ball under the bed cover full of pillows, while sleeping in a cold room.

Cat loves to sleep. You don't need to question this..

Cat loves to play. I'm pretty much an exercise enthusiast, to be honest.

Cat loves to be peaceful. And I basically love silent. I hate noisy room full of people. I don't like parties.

Cats only show affection to certain cats and doesn't give a sht to the rest. Ha.. me too, cat, me too.

Sometimes cats want to be noticed. To be honest, me too. Sometimes. And a second later I realize I don't enjoy attention. Much like cats.

Cat loves high places. Well, technically I don't like to sit on top of my fridge but I do prefer mountains than beaches. I love to ride big vehicles like bus or jeep. I love the feeling to be able to see everywhere.

I'm just a cat. A lazy ass cat.

Now pardon me while I'm preparing for my long beauty sleep. Bye!

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