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It might be so late, but I have a new look!

I was a curly-haired girl. I'm naturally curly-haired.

But, I'm no longer curly!

This was me before (the actual hair was pretty worse than this photo). My hair was still virgin. I love my curly hair. I loved curly hair so much because I felt like it matched me so much (of course, I was born like that). I never changed how my hair look. Well, honestly, I was kinda afraid to do something to my hair because I was afraid it'd end up looking bad on me. I was a pussy of taking risk, probably..

But, I also hate my hair because it's naturally dry. It's so freaking frizzy. It's curly, frizzy, and so it's so hard to control! I tried every kind of smoothing shampoo and it never did anything to my hair because it's just how it is..

That's why I was kinda frustrated for a 21 year old girl to have an uncontrollable hair. My high school friend even once called my hair lion mane. Thank's dude, that affected my self-esteem so much.

Anyway! About a year ago, one day, I decided to buy a hair straightener. Yes, I did that randomly.

To be honest, I didn't want to straightened my hair, I just wanted my frizzy hair to be gone. And that's how I handled my hair after I bought my hair straightener. I only used it once in 2 or 3 days, after I showered, because that's the driest of the naturally dry-haired person hair. And so this is my new look:

I was happy. It was no longer frizzy, yes, but what I was afraid of before was actually happening. I was no longer curly, of course, and also my hair looked way thinner than before. Beside frizzy and curly, my hair is also naturally fair and thin. And when I straightened it, it was getting thinner.

Long story short, around the beginning of this semester, I wanted to trim my hair because it's been a long time since the last time I trimmed my hair.

Like I said, I wanted to trim my hair. TRIM. But then the hairdresser cut my hair REAL short. But REAL bad. Like, my hair was never this short forever!!

It's short in the front, and longer in the back, and since my hair is thin, it looked like I did my hair on purpose, half-short and half-long! So bad!!

Before I managed to show my new (bad) hair off, I decided to cut my back hair to be the same length as the front. To be honest, I got a lot of compliment with my new hair, but a lot of them also said that it was not short enough.

I agreed, because I didn't cut it really well, and so I decided to go to another hairdresser and cut my hair to be shoulders long. Then, here it is:

And so.. this is my new look!

To be honest, I never ever thought about straightening my hair or even cut my hair this short. But somehow it happened. It happened so fast, and fortunately it worked so well on me.

I'm so happy.

I'm so happy with this hair, this gives me so much self-esteem.

I'm now way more confident, I get a lot more attention (even though I kinda hate it, but I kinda like it too), and more importantly I'm more proud of how I've become.

So here I am! A new me!

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