I Always Want to Work in a Pet Shop!

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So let me tell you a story..

As a kid, I enjoy a lot of western movies and novels. Usually the fantasy stories about teenagers who are the chosen one (you know, that kind of stuff).

One of the things that always bothered me and became one of my dream is that a lot of teenagers on the west can work as a part-timer on any local shops, like coffee shops or bookstores. Yes, you guess it, I want to do part-time job too!

In Indonesia, part-time job isn't something that happens "normally". A student doesn't work, period. We only let to study. It's like an unwritten rule; it's our culture. Meanwhile, on the movies or stories that I watch and read, students usually have a job as a part-timer. And all I think is: Cool!

Because of that, I always wanted to work as a part-timer since I was a junior high student.

One place that's always in my mind when I'm thinking about part-time job is to work at a pet shop.

As you know, I love animals so much. Little that you know that when I was an elementary student, every time when it's time to pray Dzuhur at my school, I always ended up running out of it and went to a pet store. Just to play with the animals..

So, yeah, it became one of my dream to work in a pet store..

If you're an Indonesian, I know what you think: "What? You want to work in a pet shop? You can only eat well in the beginning of every month if you work there!". Well, I know that! That's why I want to work there as a part-timer! I really want to try to work in an environment full with animals for once..

And maybe I already know my fate in the future or something, I ended become a social student and then become a student of faculty of psychology. Something that would never related to animals environment.

Elementary student, junior high student, then high school student, I really couldn't believe that I finally made my dream come true at university...

In Indonesia, when you've graduated from high school, you can now do something beside studying. As a university student, it is time for me to explore about everything. Literally everything. Including looking for a part-time job.

On that time, I never thought that I would apply on a pet shop as a part-timer. It's because pet shops in my country is really not that big and not that "businessful", so I didn't think any pet shops would open a job vacancy for a part-timer.

But one day, more than a year ago, I saw a job vacancy that I would never thought about I would see: A job vacancy for a part-timer in a cat cafe!

I was happily shocked at that moment! Didn't know what to expect!

Because to be honest, I didn't even know there was a cat cafe in my country!

After doing some research, apparently it was a newly opened cat cafe in town. One of the first cat cafes in Jakarta.

Some times later, I tried to come to the cafe and fell in love with place, the cats (what? Of course!), and the ambiance.

I want to work here! I really want to! So bad!

Unfortunately, I was in a 3 months internship at that time, so I couldn't join the cafe. Another unfortunate moment, after the internship had finished, my work lot for the next term was too freaking much I barely lived.

After the term finished, I decided to use my holiday to rest, so I didn't follow up the job vacancy since the first time I saw the poster. And then for the next semester, I finally faced my biggest enemy: thesis.

But at this time, I knew that I had to look up for the vacancy if I really want to apply to be a part-timer. It was my last opportunity, after all, before I graduate and need to find a full-time job.

In the beginning of this year, around the end of January, I finally contacted the two cat cafes that I know, asking about the job vacancy as the part-timer. Only one of them replied my mails, and then I was asked to send my CV and cover letter to the specific email.

Anxiously waiting, I was finally called for the interview. Two times. And then the time has come...


One of my actual dream has come true! It was so amazing! I'm so happy!

Even though it's just a part-time job, in the end it really was my dream after all.

I work with full excitement ever since. I work with cats!!! I can play with cats! A lot of healthy and happy cats! How dream-jobby it is!

Now that I almost graduate, I know that I will let this job go one day. But I'm still gonna cherish every experience and every moment with it..


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