My First Fanfic Ever (Harry Potter)

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Okay, so let me get this straight.. I think I've said about this before, but I'm so not into reading fanfics and shipping and all those kind of fangirls stuff.

I am a fangirl, yes, but I just love to stick to the original stories, where things are really happening! You don't make up stories on a made up story!? (I mean, they're fictional, the are already made up, right!?)

Anyway, at least that's how I feel at the moment.

But as you can read on the title, I once made a fanfiction. Probably more than 10 years ago. When I was still in elementary school (see? I'm legit a fangirl!).

At that time, I was all about Harry Potter, just like any other childrens. But I was always that geek, all my friends and family knew that I was a hardcore Harry Potter fan.

I collected any magazine that had Harry Potter theme, I watched Harry Potter movies literally everyday after I got home from school, I knew every spells on the movies (yes, I wasn't reading the novels, sorry if it's dissapointing), I remembered every lines on the movie Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, and I brought my Harry's wand everywhere everyday.

And also, I google anything Harry Potter related on the internet! Because back then, the internet wasn't that popular, we didn't spend our whole life in it just like how we're doing it today. But not for me, the geeky Harry Potter fan.

One day, I found this online forum for Harry Potter fans in Indonesia.

One of the interesting stuffs about this forum was, you would have 2 indentities if you want to join the forum. One is your real identity IRL, and the other is your "alternative" identity in the Harry Potter world.

So here is my magical character:

Full Name: Venetia Serena Mozawski
Short Name: Serena
Place, date of birth: July 18, 1980
Hogwart's House: Gryffindor
Wand: Oak, 11.7 inch, and unicorn's hair in it's core
Position on Quidditch: Seeker
Animagus: Dove
Patronus Charm: Horse
Pet: Hoot Owl, named Adam
Favorite Teacher: Prof. Remus J. Lupin
Favorite Subjects: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charm, Ancient Runes
Favorite Food: Chocolate Frog
Father's Name: Mike Sullivan Mozawski (Pure blood)
Mother's Name: I forgot lol (Muggle)
Brother's Name: Evan Gerard Mozawski (older, 4 years separated)
Height/Weight: 162 cm / 49 kg
Color of Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brownish black curl
Best Friends: Hermione Jane Granger, Fred-Georgde Weasley
Dream Job: Magical Creatures Caretaker

After making your character, usually you need to tell the forum where is your character be in the story. Like, who are you in Harry Potter world? Just some random dude in Gryffindor? Or who?

So this is my story:

     Serena is in the same class/batch as Harry and friends. She's best friends with Hermione, as they sleep in the same dorm room in Gryffindor. Her funny and unique personality makes her easy to be noticed by people around her. She also likes humors and jokes, and then become best friends with Fred-George Weasley, further initially become their assistant on their mischieved pranks. Serena, who is a Gryffindor, has many friends from the Hufflepuff. It is probably because half of her personality is a Hufflepuff. That's why it's easy for her to get along with her Hufflepuff friends so much. Even though some time she can be so silent and so distant from other people, she's very popular and best known as the Hufflepuff Girl.
     She and her best friend, Hermione, have so much in common. Even though comparing by their skills on academic, Hermione is way more superior, they are still very close friends. Hermione's friendship with Harry and Ron also make Serena knows those two pretty well. Until one day, Ron has realized that he fell in love with her. Ron then tells this to Harry, who also does not compatible to solve problems about love, and only makes the two of them more confused. Even so, Harry 100% supports his best friend to seek for Serena's attention.
     Having his back on his best friend, Ron's finally trying to get close to Serena. But Serena spends too much time with Hermione, whether for studying at the library or just spending their time anywhere. This is an unfortunate moments for Ron, because he doesn't want Hermione to know that he likes her best friend. Learning by Ron's experiences around girls, people are starting to realize that Ron is on the move to get closer to Serena, leaving only the two of them (Serena and Hermione) who don't realize that (because they are always busy studying on the library). This information then arrived in the ears of the Weasley Twins. Knowing that their little brother fell in love with their precious assistant, their mischieved behavior let them plan a big thing for Ronald.
     On the next day, George, using a polyjuice potion, turned himself into Serena. He's then trying to get closer to Ron and trying to catch his attention. Ron is so surprised by Serena's action toward him, but cannot care less because he's just sooo happy! Serena (George) then confessed to Ron that she likes him, and Ron says that he also feels the same way. So on that night, they're officially dating each others. At least that's what Ron wishes for.
     The next morning, Ron runs toward (who he thinks she is) his girlfriend in full of excitement, while Serena is surrounded by her friends. He greets her and talking, and talking, and keep talking and bragging about how they two can be together last night. They're all in silence, only Ron's talking, and then Serena finally make a sound.., "Um, Ron? Since when.. are we.. together..? I was doing my Ancient Runes assignments with them the whole time last night."
 This time, Ron's is totally shutted. He's totally shocked getting a response like that.                                                             Without saying anything he's just running away, looking for his best friend Harry. Ron tells everything to Harry from last night until a second ago, the story that makes his heart shattered into small pieces. Harry remains silent, also shocked hearing that bad things happened to his best friend. But then Harry also tells Ron about something last night, something unusual. He tells him that last night he saw Fred with a girl who looked exactly like Serena. He then asked Fred where is George and who is that girl, and Fred only answered, "George? Who cares. That girl? Oh, that's my girl! She's pretty, right? I know!", while leaving Harry carelessly. Harry once felt curious because he never saw the twins got separated, but then didn't give a single damn about it. Ron's listening to Harry's story furiously, because he knows that his brothers just making fun of him. He's furious to George who had fooled him and pretending to be Serena, and also to Fred probably because he called Serena "my girl". He's jealous. He's then looking for his brothers to hear some explanation, leaving Harry alone.
     By the time Ron left, Hermione then come to Harry and is asking what happened. She said she heard what happened to Ron for calling Serena his girlfriend in front of her friends. Hermione wasn't there at that time. She was asked by Prof. McGonagall to replaced the prefect who's currently on the medical treatment. Harry then tells everything to Hermione, from the beginning, to where Ron's going right now. By the end of his storytelling, he just realized that he shouldn't tell this story to Hermione, he was already promised to Ron not to tell anyone, including Hermione.
     For unknown reasons, Hermione looks so mad and dissapointed hearing Harry's story about Ron. She then left Harry alone (again), looking for Ron, where she find him in the middle of confusion looking for his brothers. Hermione is furious. She says that she's furious and dissapointed with Ron for not telling the truth. She feels untrusted by her best friend.
     Moving forward a few years later, it is finally the last battle between Harry and Voldemort. On the battle, Serena is almost killed by one of the death eaters, but then she was protected by George. George uses his body as a shield, and left him die by the killing curse. As George Weasley's body is falling to the floor, the memory of her and George spinning wildly on her head. Her tears are now falling, which are dedicated to George's body that was prevented her from dying. She realized now, of how much her feelings toward George, but it's too late.
     Even though the battle is won on the hand of the good people, but at that time, Hogwarts is covered by a total silent. The silence of unheared cries for their lost friends and family. In one of them there is Serena, crying over and over in the hands of Hermione, beside the body of George Weasley.
     After that huge battle, everything backs to normal. At this time, Serena is getting closer and closer to Ron Weasley. After spending so much time together and finally decided that she would settle down on Ronald, Ron then decided to marry her best friend, Hermione. It's also revealed that Hermione already had a feeling toward Ron since a long time ago. That's why she was furious to Ron, knowing that someone she loved, loved her best friend. She was also dissapointed because she thought that her feelings couldn't never be responded. Knowing that, Serena doesn't want to hurt her best friend's feeling, so she lets her feelings go for the second time. In the future, Serena then become the bridesmaid for Hermione and Ron's wedding.
     Not long after that, her Mom's job in the Muggle world makes her family leave England and move to America. One day, when she's in blue still thinking about George, a guy who is American mixed Latin who has the last name of Archuleta come to her life. She doesn't know it yet, but later, this guy will be the one who will erase all her sadness and make her happy forever.




*Please let me know in the comments below what you think about this. I'm really curious.*

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  1. Oh wow. I loveeee harry potter but I`m not into deep like you.hehehe
    I love ron and Luna. they`re very lovely, I think so.

    How about harry potter and the cursed child? have you read the book?

    Putri |

    1. Lol ya I know I was a hardcore fan..

      Not yet! How about you? I'm so excited for the Fantastic Beasts movie. One of my friend had that book when we were still in elementary school and I still haven't bought one yet!


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