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I always question the science of soulmate.

Soulmate.. we usually thought about a romantic partner. Well that's totally true. That's what I always think about.

Soulmate, or in Indonesia, we called it "jodoh".

I always wonder how we can find our jodoh. How my friends have found their jodoh. How some people have had tons of relationships. And how I never find one for mine until now. Like, how?

We have some close friends, and all of them will have one and another relationships that come and go, meanwhile you're still untouched.

You might think it's normal, because you have the other friends that has never even in a relationship for once, while you already in a relationship two times.

That's what happens to me. I never bother if my friends have relationships with their partners while I remain single. It never really crosses my mind to look after somebody. It's just not me. I think about a lot of possibilities, like, good person deserves good partner, that's why I never found one, because I've been surrounded with "bad" people lately, or maybe it's just not the right time, I probably should focus on other things first.

But then lately, something changed my mind.

One of my intern friend made a big announcement: she has a boyfriend.

Why is it so necessary? Because I know that she is pretty stubborn, and she is the kinda person who has a strong idea and will stay true to what she said forever. And what she said was: she didn't want to get married. She didn't want to make a commitment with other people. She had a trust issue. She's the kinda person who enjoy being alone instead of worrying about other people. She's not a relationship material.

But somehow, she has a boyfriend right now.

She told her story about how her relationship started, and I can tell that this jodoh thing is real. It's something that you can't believe it will happen a second later. One day, they just happened to meet. 

They just happened to be so similar by their conversations. It grew stronger and stronger until they decided to be what they are now. Jodoh had played its part.

That is the story that got me thinking, how can people found their moments. How can I haven't found mine?

And it got me..

I've found my jodoh. We all have found ours. We just always look at the wrong way.

As I said earlier, we always thought that jodoh/soulmate is always romantic things, but it's not.

Remember the story about my part-time job from my previous post? That's jodoh. I and the job are supposed to meet. It's one of the thing that I couldn't believe that would happen a second later. It's jodoh.

Remember the story about my runway (that I never finish to tell about lol)? It's jodoh! It's just there. I wouldn't ever think about joining a runway!? Never! But somehow it's just showing itself at me. It gives me an opportunity, and I got it!

There are many other things that had become jodoh to ourselves, like the study path that we chose, the rental room that we live, or anything!

This is why some people are so whiny and there are a lot of unnecessary stupid romantic quotes and relationship goals account spreading on the internet, because they only focus on one sight: love life.

Love life is not always the first thing, and definitely not the end of everything.

There are many things that we can cherish and look up to instead of looking for the right guy/girl who can make us happy. Stand for ourselves! Make ourselves happy! We definitely know more about us than other people, why needing someone's hand that much?

Be open-minded! Your life deserves so much more than focusing only on one thing and forgetting about the rest!

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  1. you have such a nice blog here,keep it up!x
    thankyou for stopping by to my blog

  2. i think that you'll find ur own soulmate soon; at the right time and with the right one, till you're ready then :)
    Thanks for stopping by to my page.



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