The Night Sky

1:20 AM

I enjoy the night sky so much.

I may not live in a big city like New York, but I also don't live in a small village.

What I want to say is: I also get the effect of light pollution.. I cannot see the night sky very well.

According to the image above, my city's sky is counted as suburban/urban transition. That's exactly how my night sky looks like if it's clear.

It's sad. I love to look up at the sky at night and I hate to not seeing anything there. I can see some shiny stars, yes, but because I've seen a lot perfect night sky images around the internet, I always wish that I'd be able to see those kind of starry nights when I look up.

Here are some of them:

It's really beautiful.

It's becoming one of my bucket list to go to a place where it has the perfect night sky above it.

Other than being beautiful and so admirable, the night sky is also full of mysteries. The night sky actually shows the true face of the universe: dark and full of stars. If we can see the perfect starry night far from light pollution, we can see infinite numbers of stars that our eyes can still catch.

That infinite stars probably only a part of a galaxy, and then there are many other galaxies beside the one that we inhibit. Millions of galaxy then becoming one universe, and scientists believe that there are many other universes out there.

As you can see, just by admiring the night sky, we can learn a lot. One of the thing that we can learn is that we are small. We are nothing in this world. We can compare ourselves to small insects like ants and feeling so superior and all, but we're still nothing.

Our Earth is smaller than Jupiter, the biggest planet on our solar system, but the Sun is always bigger than any planets. But then again, the Sun itself is believed to be smaller star compared to any other stars nearby.

The universe is gigantic. The world is enormous.

There are more of things out there that we don't know. And probably will never know. We really can see so much by looking at the night sky.

That's why I think it's pretty wise to just lay down on your back and look up at the night sky and: live.

Be grateful.

In this humongous world, you are one of the lucky creature that gets the chance to live. If you want to use math, I'm pretty sure the probability is too small to be true (if you believe that all the living creatures in this world only walk on Earth).

Just be grateful.

Be grateful for living.

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