High Pain Tolerance

2:37 PM

As you know, I've been binge watching Coyote Peterson's videos on YouTube (check out my previous post). His famous videos are the one when he got bitten, pinched, or stung by animals. And I've been thinking how he can have those high pain tolerance.

But then I started to imagine if I were in his position.

I may don't have the same pain tolerance as him (in fact, I don't even know how is the level of my pain tolerance), but I'm pretty sure I have an above average pain tolerance.

"Wait, but you said that you didn't know your level of pain tolerance?"

I do, but looking back when I was in pain, I have a few evidence that I have a higher-than-normal pain tolerance. In fact, I'll give you the tips and trick to be like this.

For starter, since I was younger, I was always in pain.

Not the kind of pain that is so intense, but a teeny tiny pain here and there on my whole body.

My Mom said I had a "potato skin" and also "sweet blood".

I live in a tropical country where there are so many mosquitoes. With my "sweet blood" issue, mosquitoes are easily attracted to my blood. I cannot not passed a day without getting bitten by a mosquito. But then, after I got bitten, I usually scratch them. Then my "potato skin" issue makes it worse. My skin is easily injured by a skin scratch. I mean, people usually need to scratch so hard in their itch to make it bleed, but for me, I just need a couple scratches then all of a sudden it's bleeding without me knowing it.

Long story short, my skin got injured very easily.

As you can see, I may have used to be hurt. But still, there are days when I broke my pinky toe for hitting the table, or paper scratch, or burn my hand with hot steam, where the pain is pretty excruciating.

For moments like this, I'm usually pretty good handling with the pain.

First, the initial pain is usually very shocking. It lasts for a few second, when my body is reacting automatically in reflex.

If you know me, I'm not the kind of person who likes to talk, or scream in this case. So, I usually never make a sound while on pain. I'm just going to observe what happen to my injured skin while holding back the pain.

After that, the pain is usually getting better or worse. In this situation, I usually still observe my skin. Most of the time, any injury that has hurt my skin isn't that serious.

I mean, as long as it won't kill me, I really don't give a fudge about the pain, even though it's excruciating.

But believe it or not, if you think like that, it makes the injury less painful. You simply fool your brain.

So that's how I usually handle the pain. Instead of just "feel" it, I'm more to "think" about it. If it's not going to kill me, so it's fine.

So if you want to have a better pain tolerance than you ever was, my advice is: You're smarter than the pain!

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