I've Graduated!

3:13 PM

August 26th, 2016...

...I've graduated!

After 4 years struggling in each and every term of my university life, I'm finally a graduate.

My graduation happened to be divided into 3 parts: Yudicium (Faculty Graduation), Graduation Rehearsal, and Graduation.

1. Yudicium
Yudicium ceremony is like a graduation ceremony that held by the faculty. It was held at August 22nd, 2016. The ceremony started at 13.00 and ended at around 16.00.

Basically the students were called one by one in a batch by the MC, then they needed to make a line. One batch of students consisted around 20 people. After that, the dean would call the students on that batch one by one and they would be given a map from the dean, and then they needed to give a shake hand with every teacher that were there.

After the whole students (on that batch) were called, the dean then announced what categories we were graduated as. The categories were; Satisfying, Very Satisfying, and Cum Laude.

This is the map that was given by the dean

The inside of the map

2. Graduation Rehearsal
Graduation rehearsal was held a day before the graduation day. It was at August 25th. But! This event was not just a rehearsal for the next day's event. It is a totally different event.

Usually, on the graduation day, the student would be called one by one to get their cylindrical thingy and take a picture with the head of the university. But in Universitas Indonesia, that actually happened at the graduation rehearsal.

So, as you can guess, we had to go glam in the grad rehearsal too, completed with our beautiful kebaya.

But around this time, the students were usually take a lot of picture with their toga, because at the graduation day, there would be no time to actually do that (because you will lost in the ocean of human).

3. Graduation Day
Finally! After months being a gabut (gaji buta; unofficially unemployed), the day had finally come.

As I said earlier, we weren't called one by one on graduation day, as it was already happened on the grad rehearsal.

In Universitas Indonesia, the graduation day was more likely to be a traditional ceremony, when we passed the alumnus and welcomed the freshmen students.

So in the building, there weren't just thousands of alumnus and their family, but also thousands of freshmen students.

We weren't allowed to document the whole event, but it was so delightful. The freshmen students became the choir to sing some traditional songs and also the march and hymn of my university.

In the end, I'm finally a graduate.

I'm officially not a student anymore.

I'm officially unemployed.

So, what's next..?

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