Man of The Month: Coyote Peterson

12:05 AM

I love animals.

I grew up watching so many wild animals channels all the time.

Rob Bradl, Steve Irwin, I watched every episode that I could watch every day when I was a kid.

I was soo sad when I knew that Steve died because of his own thing. That really broke my heart.

But I'm always soo proud with myself because I share the same birthday with Rob Bradl, on 18th of July.

But then, as we know, there are less kind of this show in our television. I mean, yeah, there is Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet, but they don't show some interesting shows like Rob and Steve had. Even as an animal lover, yes I can say that.

But lately, I found this man on YouTube.

I watched his first video about a month ago, but I didn't immediately subscribe him. He is an American, it's kinda weird to see such a wild animalist doesn't have an Australian accent lol. But I just never thought he would be so much more than that!

But since my last encountered with his video, his channel has grown up real fast. I saw his videos in trending section a few times. Finally, about a week ago, I managed to come back to his channel and binge on his videos. No need to take longer times, I was then becoming his subscriber.

His name is Coyote Peterson, his channel is Brave Wilderness.

People (in the comment section) said he is cute, funny, and interesting in a weird way. And I kinda agree with that.

He always looks so energetic. His videos are so entertaining and educating. And what makes him so popular right now is: because he is so brave!

I mean, of course you need to be brave to explore the wild life, but he's brave in a whole different level!

He specialized in getting bitten, stung, and pinched by the wild animals in the sake of science..

He said that he has a high pain tolerance. And a very high control of mind (for not swearing while on pain, lol). 

He literally has been bitten, stung, and pinched by various kind of animals. Just go watch his videos if you need prove!

Here, let me show you one of the video when he was stung by a species of ant that has the 4th most painful sting in the insect kingdom, the Velvet Ant (Cow Killer):

See? He's truly a one brave man.

And I just love how we have him in this century. Someone who has a show on YouTube (not television) so we can simply watch his show over and over again, and also we don't have to worry that we would miss any of his videos.

Long story short, I dedicated this post to this man: Coyote Peterson!!

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