Dream Crate, Best Subscription Box Ever!!!

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Have you heard about Loot Crate?

If you love to watch YouTube (like me), you'd know that most of the big names on YouTube, like PewDiePie and Grav3yardGirl, make an unboxing video every month on a subscription box from Loot Crate.

I found most people around me didn't know about Loot Crate, probably because it hasn't been able to ship to Indonesia yet. So if you don't know about it, basically it's a subscription box service, where you'll get a mystery box every month sent to your house with a various items in it. Each month has it's own specific theme, so you'll get a surprise every time!

Apparently, Loot Crate is currently trying to make a fun project with bloggers and asking them to make their own Dream Crate, which is a box that contains any items that they ever wanted from Loot Crate subscription box. Not to mention that there will be one lucky person's dream that can get selected to be turned into reality!

So here I am, for the past days I've been trying to put together the things that I want the most! Let's go check it out:

1. Hogwarts Journal
Source: https://shop.universalorlando.com/p/Hogwarts-Journal.html

As a Harry Potter fan, or basically as a human being (yes, every human should love Harry Potter), I think that this journal from Universal Orlando is to die for! It looks so authentic it makes me feel like I'm a student of Hogwarts if I use this journal. I'm pretty sure all the writings inside this journal probably is going to be written spells and magical stuff. Not muggle subjects.

2. Pusheen Surprise Plush Blind Box - Snack Time
Source: https://www.heychickadee.com/collections/newest/products/pusheen-surprise-box-plush
I love Pusheen. And I love food. This will be a mystery treasure for me to open this series of Pusheen blind box. Look at those cute mini key chains! Kyaa >.<

3. Pokeball Power Bank 12000 mAh
Source: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M09O86S?psc=1
I've been a geek on Pokemon since I was a kid. I watched the first generation on Pokemon, and to be honest, I'm still trying to keep up with the episodes until today. By the way, power bank has been a staple item for millennials. And with this power bank from Amazon, from now on, I will have a perfect reason to bring my pokeball every time every where.

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was~

4. Sherlock Holmes' Pipe Collection
Source: http://www.amusingplanet.com/2011/04/sherlock-holmes-museum-at-221b-baker.html
I love mysteries. I really like to read and watch stories about mystery, especially that includes detective in it. Talking about the detective, of course I love the best and well-known detective in England, Sherlock Holmes. Other than his unique double-flap cap (it's called the deerstalker by the way), pipe is one of his icon. I'm pretty sure this is one of his must-have merchandise for the real Sherlock Holmes fan. And yes, these are the ones from their gift shop in London.. NEED!

5. Supernatural Anti-Possession Temporary Tattoo
Oh my! If only I'm allowed to have a tattoo, I really want to have a teeny tiny cute anti-possession tattoo as one of my tattoos. But because I can't, I would love to have this temporary tattoo from TV Merch that I can wear at some special occasions. By the way, it's kinda hard to find Supernatural fans here in Indonesia, but I'm pretty sure if I wear this in daily basis, I will get noticed by true fans easily.

6. Star Trek Starfleet Academy Raglan Tee
Source: http://shop.startrek.com/star-trek-starfleet-academy-ladies-baby-rib-raglan-34-sleeve-t-shirt/detail.php?p=750738&v=startrek_shop-by-category_apparel-accessories
This tee is so cute! You can get so casual and be so geeky in the same time. I'd probably gonna wear this raglan everyday!

Six items already!! They said I can go big with my Dream Crate, so I think that's all I want!

I was struggling to find the right theme of my box, but I'm pretty sure it's Basic Iconic. Because basically, all of the items above are basic everyday items, but each item is the iconic symbol of it's own world/character.

Seriously if my dream is selected to be the future's month subscription, I'd be very happy!!

How about you? Curious already? For you lucky people who live in the country where Loot Crate is able to ship to, don't waste your luck! Go subscribe now!

For you Indonesian peeps, it's okay, I'm pretty sure they'll feature our country anytime soon. While waiting, go check their website on https://www.lootcrate.com/ if you want to know more about Loot Crate.

Anyway, if you could make your own Dream Crate, what would you put into? Comments down below!

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