Being Active in an Inactive Life

3:29 PM

Hi, how's it going?

It's October already and I'm once again a #funemployed!

Yup, I decided that I'd resign by the end of last month to focus on my study next year. No more 'Plan B' or 'Plan C' career. I know what I want. This is what I want.

So, since I'm unemployed, I have too much free time. Apparently.

I'm happy, yes. Very happy.

And in this post I'm going to tell you everything that I'm working on lately. How I'm very active in my inactive (working) life. So here we go...

First, I'm doing a loooot of exercise and work out everyday! As you might know from one of my previous post, I've been learning Muay Thai for more than 3 months now. I have a private class once a week on weekend (currently my schedule is 'anytime' since I'm unemployed), but since I'm free, I started to do my home exercise everyday.

My home exercise usually consist of strength (push ups, sit ups, squats, dumb bell, etc), Nike+ Training Club, and Muay Thai (shadow box). I do this first thing in the morning or right before bed (for strength, since shadow box will make me drowned in sweat). Also, other than this home exercise, I'm currently starting to get active on my running activity again.

Maybe some of you already knew that I used to run a lot back when I was still in university (check on this post). Unfortunately about a year ago my shoes were worn out and I didn't have any running shoes left. Thank God, my newly-married-brother bought me a new pair of running shoes! So now I'm planning to have my running schedule twice or thrice a week in the morning. And I'm trying to get used to using the Nike+ Run Club to help me measure my running activity (because I always remember it once I ran for about 1K long).

Nope, I'm not done yet.

Beside those, I'm also working on my gymnastic skills (is this the right term?) for headstand, handstand, and splits.

I've been a major fan of flexibility my whole life. I think I consider myself pretty flexible than my friends since I was still in school. But since I never trained it, I never really master any flexibility skills. A couple years ago, I once practiced my front splits and succeeded on doing so (check on this post). But then I never trained it anymore so I lost the ability to do the splits.

I don't know why, but I'm attracted to learn headstand and handstand so much. Since it's better to focus on one skill at a time, so I chose to learn headstand first (because it's easier than handstand). And I'm currently very happy with how far I've come to master my headstand. It's not yet perfect, but it's getting there.

Done with physical activity, now go to the entrepreneur life.

So, currently I'm (again) still working on my cat bow tie project. Other than that, I'm currently starting to be a re-seller of women's sports gear. Meanwhile, I'm still an active seller of my pre-loved items (see this post). I don't wanna talk much abut these because I'll tell you more when all the projects are running :)

Third, I'm currently trying to write in this blog regularly! Finally, after a long time being so depressed that I had no idea what to write, now I have a few list of posts that I want to write. Please wait for the updates on my social medias!

Lastly, other than writing on blog, I'm also starting to learn hand lettering. I've wanted to try this since Megan Batoon started her hand lettering journey, but I just had no time to do it. But then about two weeks ago I decided to buy the brush pen and started working on my writing skills. FYI since I was in school I always hate my cursive writings. I don't how I feel about this but I really want to be able to write in brush pen.. So just wait for my hand lettering progression, guys!

And that's all! All my activities in my 'inactive life'.

I'm actually very grateful that I've tasted the work life in this past six months. Because now I can appreciate my time a lot more than before. As a hard-sleeper, sleeping at noon is a big NO to me, unless I really need it. I've got what I want for now, so what are my excuses to be lazy?

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I'm also trying to luluran once every two days, is it considered a productive activity? Tee hee.

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