2018 Resolutions

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Yes, you might think that it's a little too late for new year resolutions, right? Well, better late than never, I guess. Let me just get into it..

So by the end of last year, I started to realize that... I'm old.

In 2018 I'm gonna be 24 years old. Also, I've finished all my formal study (even though I still want to continue it), meaning that this is actually my time to be independent. Both physically and financially.

I also started to realize that... I'm an adult!

I can choose my own decision in life. I can do whatever I want. Whatever. I. Want. Yes, I need to get my life together (SINCE IT'S A MESS), but it's up to me what way that I choose. I am the master of my sea! *5 points if you know where the reference's from*

Since now all my life depends on my will, I was thinking about what kind of thing that people do to keep them motivated in living their life? And since at that time that was almost new year, it reminded me of how people usually write down their goals in the upcoming year, which is called resolution. So that's the story of how I decided that I need to make a real resolution for myself..

Keeping it simple, keeping it real, I wrote down all things that I could possibly do in 2018, wether to experience new things or to maintain the old habits. I actually thoughtfully wrote that down one by one. It's not much, but it's a good start for first try. So I want to share to you guys those new year resolutions of mine, here it is:

2018 Resolutions

☑ Buy Bolt! for emergency needs - especially for business needs
□ Get a job in clinical psychology (1st option)
□ Get a job in research area (2nd option)
 Maintain the healthy lifestyle (exercise regularly, NOT eating fried food, less carbs, more protein, more water)
□ Back on Muay Thai and maintain the routine for the rest of your life (or at least until the end of 2018)
□ Don't be a millennial; stay with the 'low financial' lifestyle even though you have the money
☑ Launch Tidbits Kitchen Sweets
☑ Maintain Bananaberry Juice
□ Try to go out for the bar at least one time in 2018
□ (Cheap) travel with your own money to a new place
□ SAVE MONEY! At least 1/4 of your salary each month!
□ Give money to your Mom every month
□ Join at least 1 running event - get 1 medal
□ Invest your money into healthy things (camp/gym, healthy food like oats/granola/honey/etc, sports gears)
□ Sell more unnecessary stuff on Carousell
□ Learn to drive the fricking car!!
□ Become less impulsive - don't buy/do things you're gonna regret later

These were actually written on the last day of 2017.

I was actually kinda forget about these resolutions until today. When I remember that I wrote these down on my notes, I found out that I actually already done some of them. That's why I checked some of the resolutions.

I'm glad that I made this before. At least now I know what my targets are in 2018.

So there it is, my 2018 resolutions! Cheers to this new year!


P.S. By the way, before I made that list, I did a little survey on my Twitter asking people whether they ever made new year resolutions or not? If yes, did they ever work for it or not?

In 6 people (yes, very low n, I know..), 67% said that they never made a new year resolution and 33% said that they did make a resolution but never really worked for it. So as you can guess, no people actually made it and worked it. 

So I think this new year resolution thing is just a famous side project for new year's eve. They do it just to embrace new year, but they don't really put their effort into reaching it. Just like birthday wishes; sometimes people wish so hard on their birthday that they forget to do the actual work.. Or at least that's what I think.

But how about you guys? Do you make a new year resolution? Why you do so? Please tell me on the comment section below!

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