Meeting QQ & Mama QQ from Q2HAN!

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Welcome back, readers!

Exactly a week ago, I met another YouTubers! Yay!

If you haven't seen my previous Meet & Greet with Bethany Mota, you can see it here.

As you know, I'm a hardcore YouTube watcher, I have a lot of idolized YouTubers of my own, and one of them is Q2HAN.

Source: Q2Han Instagram account
Q2HAN are twin girls named Qjin and Qwon whose contents are mostly about fashion, lifestyle, and travels. I cannot lie that their videos are very artsy and enjoyable to watch.

I, myself, am pretty new as a Qtee (the name of the fandom). I think it was around 2016 when I first found their video. I was in the mood of watching DIY clothing videos when I stumbled upon theirs. Their first videos on YouTube are mostly about these simple DIY tutorial videos. Now they have explored all other type of contents, including challenges (mostly shopping challenge) or even cooking videos.

I watched one of their video and became very curious about them, so I binged watching their other videos. One word for them: Cute!!! I don't know how to describe this, but their vlogs are so casual and simple, but with a touch of very on-point editing skills. I like it!

They also upload their videos almost everyday, so as a subscriber, I'm pretty much well fed by them lol.

So, yeah, these girls were apparently planning to come to Jakarta on February to meet their Qtees. I didn't expect this before, but it got me super excited! It was held in Senayan City foodcourt, DELICAÈ. At first I thought the crowd wouldn't be too big, but apparently it took two floors for the line only!

The M&G supposed to happen at 3 PM, but the people were already lining up even before 12 PM, damnn son! I arrived around 12.30 all by myself and planned to buy a water bottle first so I would be strong enough stay at the line for hours if it was needed (YES, IT'S NEEDED). But, looking at the lines, I decided not to buy anything because I was afraid that I would be in the back of the line if I went around any longer.

By the way, I met another Qtees who were also coming alone to the M&G, their name were Cindy and Eka, the two girls who were standing behind me. We got the number 049, 050, and 051. Thank God, since we were together, one of us could finally buy some food and drink to stand for another hours lol.

Around 2.45, QQ and Mama QQ finally arrived! They were guarded by some guards and the girls (and some guys as well) were screaming in the line as QQ vlogging us all the way from one side of the line to the other.

Qjin, with her purple hair, was wearing green pants with white blouse, while Qwon was very spring-esque looking with white eyelet top, white pants, and a cute hat! Based on their vlog, they got the outfit from the Indonesia's H&M Showroom the day before. Both were wearing the cute LPA bags that they bought specially to come to Jakarta, how cute!!

At 3 PM, the line was finally moving. The management moved one batch (10 people) at a time to come to meet QQ in a small room at the back corner of DELICAÈ. At first, the management gave each of the batch 2 minutes inside the room to do whatever they wanted (hugged QQ, took selfies, gave gifts, chatting, etc) but it was sooo unorganized that some of the Qtee didn't get as much activities as other Qtees within the same batch. So then the management changed the procedure that was similar to Bethany Mota's M&G back in 2015.

The new procedure was the management would take our picture with QQ, so we just needed to give our phone to one of them, came to QQ, posed, and done!

I mean, I really understand that it would be very tiring for QQ if they took longer duration to meet each of us. There were 400+ of us after all! So that's why I didn't say much while I met them. I hugged Qjin and said that she had very gorgeous hair (TRUE!), I hugged Qwon, we posed for a couple shots, then I said good bye to those two magical unicorns.

By the way, I should have said sorry to QQ for not bring them any gifts. I didn't know what to bring!

Oh! Mama QQ was sitting on the sofa at the corner of the room (along with the mountain of gifts from Qtees). Some Qtees approached her to take some selfies as well. I wanted to say hi and took a selfie but I heard one of the management said to leave Mama QQ alone because she was already tired with the M&G, so I didn't do it..

Here are the pictures of the M&G:

And I also took a picture with Qjin only:

Even though I tried to be prepared for meeting them, I was still very anxious and shaking and overwhelmed! I was super happy about it!

They were undeniably adorable (and pretty tall too!) and very nice.

You are the best, girls. Glad that I can be your supporter. Please keep making such great contents on YouTube. You're absolutely an inspirators!


P.S. Too bad that I didn't take pictures with Cindy and Eka. But we made a conversation chat room at Line, though!

P.S.S. Need to confess, guys:
Cindy, Eka, and I were actually lining up 2 times at the Meet & Greet.. That's why I know about the changing of the procedure. That's why I got a picture with Qjin only and not Qwon. Because it was too crowded and unorganized at first that some Qtees took too much time with Qwon until the time ran up. So I didn't get the chance to greeted her. Kudos to the management who dealt with the problem very nicely, though! And I hope what we did didn't cause any trouble, tee hee.

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