TRESemmé The Runway #2

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(For the first post, you can click here. I wrote a story about some exciting "modelling" experience. Check it out!)

...Next morning, I woke up early to ask my Mom about my Dad. I literally was so anxious about both my Dad and my status of going/not going to the runway. While waiting for the news, I was mixed & matched my clothes and prepared all the stuff I wanted to bring. It was almost 8.30 in the morning, my Mom said my Dad's catheter was done since around 7.

Hearing that, I told my friend to get ready and then I also went straight to shower. I did my simple make up and then I was ready to go. No, you're wrong. I went to the salon, not to the mall. I went to a salon near my place to do my hair. I had a hair spa for an hour. I always wanted to go to the salon since the beginning of my term, but never really got the time to. So I thought this was really nothing-to-lose moment; I didn't go to salon just because I wanted to join the runway (that I wasn't sure whether I still could join or not), but because I really wanted to. After that, I was (now's real) ready to go.

My friend and I went to Senayan City by Go-Jek. Go-Jek is a motorcycle public transportation that you can call by an online application. So, yeah, we rode motorcycles. And, as you can guess, it was HOT. We left at noon, the sun was exactly above our heads. We were just hoping we weren't melting by the time we arrived at our destination.

Thank God we weren't melting.. So we were headed to the location. We weren't sure at first, but we finally found where the runway was. The event was already started, there were models who already walked at the runway, and a band that was playing. I thought I was too late, so we chose to eat at the food court since it was already lunch time.

After eating lunch and felt soooo envy with the people who could join the runway, my friend actually asked one of the models who was there at the food court (we could tell she was a model because she wore a certain tee that all of the models should wear) and she said that the registration was still open until 3 PM. I was so excited and ran to the runway to looked more closely where could I join the runway.

I still couldn't find any specific booth for registration until I asked one of the committees. I asked one of them and he said the registration was still open but it was at the 8th floor, at The Hall. We then went straight to the top floor. Here we met my other friend that I talked about earlier in the previous post, the one who told me that she joined the event by Snapchat. She was waiting for her (and other models in the same batch) turn to walked on the runway.

We then continue our journey to The Hall and after we arrived.. there were LOTS of people there. The committee said the gate was open at 4 PM so we had to wait for another hour before we could register. And so we waited..

At 4 PM, the gate was open and so we went to the registration booth and registered ourselves. We needed to pay for 25.000 IDR in order to buy the TRESemmé package that was acted as 'the ticket' to join the runway. The package was put in a goodie bag; there was one bottle of TRESemmé shampoo, one tee that we should wear in the event, and some pamphlets.

We then went to the changing room. We should wear the TRESemmé tee and any bottom we prefer. For me, I wore a black skort. We did a little touched up then went straight to the workshops. The workshops were about hair styling (how to make a perfect ponytail) and about how to act as a model (catwalk try out). Aaand a big surprise! Tahlia and Rani were joining us at the 2nd workshop! They showed us some moves and I envy their legs a lot!!

After we finished all the workshop, it's showtime! We got a little hair styling before that. Since I already did my hair before, they only clipped one side of my hair and hair sprayed it. We then waited in line (according to our participant number). We waited for a little long time, since the previous batch hadn't done their performance yet. After the previous batch finished, we then walked to the floor where the stage was. Yes, by walk. A lot of models were walking down via escalator. They kinda "booked" the escalators for us. Everybody was staring and it was kinda made me nervous. Yet, I was getting more excited!

When we reached the stage, we waited again until our batch was allowed to showed up on the runway. They made sure our looks were good enough. They then explained us how to walk in the runway. By how I meant the track where we should go, and where we should strike a pose.

Damn, it's my turn! I was so nervous yet excited about it.. I went out from the back stage to the stage and walked my way to the judges.

I didn't expect anything; not good score, not anything, this is my first time anyway. I striked about 2 poses in front of the judges and one pose in the middle of the stage before I walked away from stage. It went soo fast! But verrry exciting!!

I was very nervous though, so I think I didn't looked very natural lol. Oh well!

As we were the last batch, the Asia's Next Top Models finalists (Gani, Monika, Aimee, Tahlia, and Rani) were there walking with us for the last time!! Jeez they looked so stunning I was blinded by their shines..

I adore Gani so much but too bad I didn't get the chance to take pictures with her, or the other girls.

After all, I cherish this whole experience so much. I swear I'll take another chance if I was given one, but unfortunately, the event for the next years weren't like in 2015. Only a few people can join the runaway, and it was decided by a contest first (need to post a certain video to social media, and only the lucky winner can join the runaway).

But here is me after the runaway:

It was fun. I think that's all what matters.

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