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Hello, readers!

Oh damn, it's been months since the last time I came here. My wifi at home was disconnected due to some circumstances, so that's why I haven't visit my blog since October.

Been months and I have so many stories to tell. So many!!!

For starter,
Do you guys still remember my dream job? Yes, to be a psychologist.

Do you guys still remember what my last job was? Yes, a market researcher.

Can you guys guess what I am now?

....A baker.
I am a baker!
I bake!

Jeez I don't even know where to start..

People keep asking me why am I becoming a baker and I keep telling them "I don't know???"

It was all started at November. Wait, no. It's all started way back at the end of 2016...

I was just graduated and I still had some spare time after I resigned from my part-time job. On one random day, I craved for baked brownies. It was so random. I mean, I always crave for something in random times, and this was one of it. Somehow I crave for this brownies that my Dad used to bring home from work when I was little; the famous Kartika Sari brownies from Bandung.

My family are not travel people, so we don't always buy this brownies as we don't always travel outside the city. But somehow I've been craving this brownies for quite some time, that's why I started to ask my Mom whether she knew any recipe about baked brownies. Mom said "yeah, I used to make some brownies to you and your brother when you were little." but she forgot where she put the recipe.

Months later, I still craved for the brownies. It was on the Ied Al-Fitr holiday in 2017 that I told my brother that I wanted to make brownies, and apparently Mom found the recipe!

Exactly at Ied Al-Fitr, my brother and I made the brownies from Mom's recipe.

It wasn't bad, but it's not what I imagined the brownies would look like.. The taste was also fine, but it wasn't.. special.

So it was a failure.

Again, I still craved for the brownies in my mind. Sometimes on random day I would make another brownies and adjusting the ingredients; experimenting on the recipe, expecting to get the result that I always imagined.

I also read and watched brownies related articles and videos trying to understand how to get this brownies that's been on my mind the whole time (pretty sure it's the representation of  Kartika Sari brownies). At one point, I decided to look for another recipe online, different from my Mom's. So I found this recipe that make a really tasty brownies!

Please remember that at that time I still had my full time job, so I only did the experiment when I got some free time. For each experiment maybe took weeks apart. I only did it as a side hobby. I didn't think it was a hobby either because I actually hate cooking. I can't never enjoy cooking. I never baked before either. So it was a totally new routine to me.

At that time, I was already on my last month on my previous job (I'm not really sure about this). I thought to myself that this might be the right recipe, but the appearance was still not 'right'. After I resigned, I was able spend more of my time experimenting the recipe. I think it took 3 trials to finally got the exact brownies that I always imagine since a year before. At the third time, when it first came out of the oven, it looked so perfect!!! The smell was hella delicious and the appearance was so pretty!

I was so excited when I pulled the brownies out of the oven that I prepared for photo shoots without thinking. It cameout so good argh!!!

I was so prepared to make this brownies go viral lol. After the photo shoot, I uploaded the pictures to my Instagram right away (in the middle of November). Then I shared the brownies to my neighbors also to introduce them that it's open for orders.

What's so surprising is, it got so many positive feedbacks!

I didn't expect this, I was so glad! Of course, the customers are my 1st connection (whether they're my family, my neighbors, or my friends), but they are still counted as customers, right? Even some of them are regular customers until now!

Since the responses are pretty big, I started to plan my online business for this brownies, so I wouldn't accept orders from my own Instagram account anymore. I also planned to sell other baked goods than brownies, like cookies. My shop's main appeal is the classic baked goods.

After working on some preparations (also preparing the money), my baby was born! It's Tidbits Kitchen Sweets!

Now all the marketing materials are posted from Tidbits' own Instagram. Tidbits also has it's own LINE@ which is (the same as it's Instagram account) and it's own Tokopedia account.
Scan this if for quick find!
I didn't expect I could enjoy baking this much. I didn't expect I could make my own business like this. This was all very out of my expectation! But it's all so fun!!

Tidbits (even before it has it's own account) has been my main income ever since. It might not giving me as much salary as when I was working for a company, but working in company can never provide you with the joy of running your own business and seeing them growing up everyday.

Tidbits even already have 3rd connection customers! I didn't know from where they knew Tidbits (probably Instagram hashtags), but the first time they contacted Tidbits got me realllly happy!

Now Tidbits already have 3 types of brownies' toppings: almond, chocochips, and oreo chunks, and I'm ready to make Tidbits grows even bigger.

And because of that, now I spend most of my times in the kitchen making brownies.

I bake.
I am a baker...
...and I'm very proud of it.

Finally, what I want to tell is: Not all twisted stories are bad. Sometimes we need surprises in life. Just accept the gift and make a good thing out of it. Life's too short to be ungrateful of what you have.

P.S. You can check my Tidbits' Instagram account at the link above the header! Click 'SHOP HERE' and click 'TIDBITS KITCHEN SWEETS'. I swear you're gonna love my brownies   

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