2019: The Year of Leveling Up

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Hi hello welcome!

It's 2019 already, whooh! So much pressure!

It's been 23 days of 2019 when I write this post, and boy have I been in a life crisis already. Answer: I have.

So by the end of this month, I will no longer work in this company I'm working at. At first I was kinda devastated with the fact that I need to go look for another job. Especially because I recently lost my Dad and I am supposed to be the only one who support my family financially.

I was like "why the hell this shit happens simultaneously", it was stressing! And I wasn't telling my Mom yet about my situation, so it was burning me out from inside.

Fortunately, one day my boss lent me this book called Born For This (How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do) by Chris Guillebeau when were talking about the career we should pursue next.

Oh, my God! This book helps a lot!

As I said I was so previously devastated and stressed about what should I do next, but this book helps me to clear my mind. This book literally shifted my point of view from all negatives to all positives.

Now all I think is the upcoming unemployment will actually be beneficial for me to explore more about myself in career and take a look of every opportunities out there that I want and able to take. Why? Because I will be having the whole free time!

This book also provides steps and strategies to actually make steps and strategies about your next career if you don't have one yet.

Long story short, this book makes me realize that I can use this free time to develop myself to be a better human being that I'm not able to do because of how busy I am with my job today. I'll use this free time to level up myself.

In this post, I'll be taking you to all to the list I'd like to do to level up myself starting from next month. By doing this, beside developing myself as a person, I also hope this can help me to find a better knowledge about myself and to find my "career lottery." Enjoy!

1. Get My Driving License
It's been yearsss the last time I drove a car. I once went to a driving school and I was about to make my driving license, but God knows what went wrong, I don't have one until today.

Since it's only the two of us now at home (Me and my Mom), I can see now that I'm actually in need to be legally able to drive a car. It will make my life easier, I believe.

2. Take a New Photoshoot
You see, my LinkedIn profile picture is actually using the picture of my Study Certificate. It is old! Since ya girl has changed, my professional picture should also be changed.

3. Learn Make-Up
I need to look presentable! This is my long life problem since I was a kid. People always thought that I was younger than my actual age. Not that there's something wrong with that, but sometimes in professional setting it can be mean that I don't look presentable enough which get me questioned about my competence in things that I do. And I hate that.

4. Making Videos (YouTube / IG TV)
I. Am. Bad. At. Talking. And I'm very well aware of that.

And you know that your girl loves Megan Batoon and she has such great communication and social skill! Since I'm bad at socializing as well, I have the idea that I can use video making as one of my practice platform to train my talking skills. Self development + making content = win win!

5. Deciding and Making My Personal Brand
I'm currently pretty active in my social media, and who doesn't want to gain income by just doing social media? Well I'm up for it!

That's why I want to arrange my brand at social media and choose wisely on what I want to put out there.

This isn't only work for side hustling, this is actually work for the regular job as well. I've read an article that says the generous percentage of a company's image is from the CEO's image. So you better make a great personal brand of yourself.

6. More books! (And Podcasts)
I'm the kind of person who's mad with the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover". If it's about judging other people: sure, I won't judge. But if it's about a real book, oh I judge it by the cover for sure!

And ever since I read Born For This, I'm thinking maybe I need more "serious" book that I need to read to level up myself, because so far I've only been reading fantasy genre and nothing else.

About podcasts, I once was told by my boss that there's this podcast about woman business; so maybe I also need to try to listen to one as well.

p.s. I already being open-minded a few days ago and started listening to Megan Batoon's podcast, Just A Tip. And I quite enjoy it.

7. Clean My Wardrobe
You know, lately I'm more aware about my clothes and everything that I'm wearing. I'm sure it's a good thing, especially when my wardrobe consist of only jeans and t-shirts when I'm 25 years old. So, go back for being "more presentable", cleaning my wardrobe should be one of the main thing to do.

8. Making Contents
Yes, making videos are also part of making contents, but I really need to schedule myself to make contents, either it's in video, blog post, instagram pic, or anything. It is because lately I've been very uninspired on creating things, but I feel like I *need* to create things. I miss creating things. I miss feeling so good after creating things. And I read this article that the only practice for you to get inspired again is actually just do it.

Have a deadline, have a certain schedule, and just do it. So that's what I wanna do for myself. I gotta force myself to make contents.

It's a quite a lot of new changes, but I'm very much excited on this, especially cause I have the whole free time to myself!

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