How to Prevent Illness from Rainy Season

11:19 AM

Hi, how's it going? Have you catch cold yet?

I hope you haven't. And will not be.

As we all know, once the cold season come, many of us start to catch cold or flu or any other illnesses.

In this post  I'm going to give you some tips on how to prevent all of them. Let's get started..

1. Keep Your Body Warm
It's a cold season, sometimes the temperature can be too low for us and can get us freezing. Snuggle in! It's very wise to keep your self warm and comfy!

Check your feet, if it's cold, then your whole body can get cold. Use socks more often. Use sneakers, less flat shoes or sandals that can get your feet cold, because that's *literally* not healthy.

Why is it so important?

It is because once your body temperature starts going down, your body will be focusing on how to get your inner organs to stay warm. In this case, your rear guard to fight flu and cold in the nose and mouth area won't be there. And you can easily get invaders.

2. Drink Honey
Ever thinking why vitamins / multivitamins are very expensive? Because it's just the company's strategy to make you think that it's actually works, and makes you buy it!

The actual cheapest super food is honey! Keep a bottle of honey in your bag, drink it whenever you have time. It's cheap, it's sweet, it's delicious, and it can be used as additional topping to your drinks and food. Stop your expensive vitamins (which can also save you money!) and change to honey instead.

3. Drink Water
We all have heard about this, "Water is healthy." "Drink more water!" "Drink 8 glass of water per day!" bla bla bla. You know why? Because it is! Drink. More. Water! This can include drinking more tea or any warm liquid to help you keep your body warm.

4. Exercise
I know, I know. It's a deadly cozy weather, it's so hard to start working out. I heard you. But now hear me..

Most times when we want to start "a healthy lifestyle", we usually set our bar too high, like "work out every day" or "no more junk food".

It's good, but it's really hard to get. By doing this, once you miss one day without doing it, you're gonna feel like a failure and it actually makes you stop doing it.

I have a tip to help you start exercising:


Do you stretch. Warm up that muscle.

Even when you don't feel like exercising and you're still in your pajamas: have a stretch. That will wake you up, warm you up, and get you ready for anything you plan to do; in this case, exercising.

Now that you've waken up. Make sure to sweat!

And that's it! Those are some things you can do to prevent sickness. I get all this from dr. Mike Varshavski, that sexy social media doctor that once became a meme. You can look it up at his YouTube channel and prove yourself that all these are true.

I do this ever since the rainy season started and I've been great maintaining my health. So that's why I want to share these tips for you.

Good luck!

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