Sweater Weather: Save the Kitties!

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Hello, welcome back!

It's been a couple months since we experience rainy season in Indonesia, but this current week is getting real bad!

The storms come almost everyday and non-stop through the whole day and that makes the temperature freezing cold.

I personally love rainy season because I cannot stand the heat from the sun, and I love to snuggle on warm blanket with a cup of hot tea.

We, as human, are lucky enough to be able to adjust ourselves to the season...

Oh you're cold?

Here's a blanket. Here's some socks. Here's a sweater. Here's some good podcast you can listen to while you're waiting for the storm to pass.

...But not every creatures are as lucky as us.

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Google Image
I believe you've seen this type of picture around the internet. No, they're not paid actors. These cute and dangerous thing happens in real life.

Yes, cats and kittens (and other stray animals around your area) tend to find shelter in warm place on cold weather. One of the warm place available for them other than inside your house (especially if you're not okay with them to be inside your home; e.g. allergy), is in your car!

They can get inside the machine, they can get inside the hollow area of your tire, and any other place they can get into. You know, cats are liquid.

And once you use your car without looking out for them beforehand, accident can happen. This. Is. Fact.

But they'll run away once the engine start, for sure!?

No, it's not always the case.

Let me tell you a story about my kitten....

A couple years ago, it was a kitten season. You know, it's that time of the year when there's a lot of preggo kitty around your area (if they're not neutered). That time, there was this one all-white bitchy mommy kitty who came to my house and looked for shelter for her to gave birth safely.

We let her stay in our garage under our multifunctional table which was covered by a thick layer of cloth.

She finally gave birth to this one all-white sweet little baby boy and our hearts were so full of joy. 

We then started to realize that the cat mom was a lil bitch because she'd go out on a date most of the time (sometimes even brought her boyfriend to our home), even though she'd still took care of the kitten. We were kinda mad at this irresponsible new mother because she didn't give her full attention to her one true child.

One day the kitten was gone.

It was still early, maybe around 7, and we searched to every corner around the house but we couldn't find him. We were furious because the mother didn't even have the clue where her baby was, and seemed like she didn't care! WTF mommy, where were you last night? Going out with your boyfriend again??

Around 10, my brother took the car out to get a hair cut. It was pretty near our house and it didn't take too long.

When he came back, all my family and I were actually planned to go outside (using the car, of course), so he didn't turn off the engine yet.

At 11, we were all ready. I was the last one to go inside the car because I'm usually the one who close the gate house after the car go out.

My mind still thinking about this tiny kitten that we lost early today, when suddenly I heard some tiny meows and my heart jumped right off!

My dad was already drove the car half way out of the gate when I stopped him, because I knew I heard the kitten's meows from INSIDE the car!

He then turned off the car, opened the car hood, and finally found the poor exhausted kitty with one of his hind legs broken.

My heart was shattered to pieces.... I was about to cry looking at that condition. The car's engine was so hot even for me and I could't imagine what it would feel like for the little baby. 

And he was there all along! Even when my brother took the car earlier.

His leg was stuck between the-thing-I-don't-know and the-thing-I-don't-understand (I know no sht about cars okay) and it was actually quite hard when I tried to get him out of there.

We finally put him in an actual cage with water bowl (I tried to give him some drink first) and let the mother took care of him.

He was crying when we left him, but finally safe in great hands.

My family and I still ended up going out, because we just weren't sure what we should do.

THANKFULLY, when we came back around the evening, the baby's still there. Still looking so strong, but his hind leg was just not so good.

That night, I took him to the vet, and long story short, he grew up to be a healthy cat with the perfect legs.. The end.

Here's the only picture I have left for the kitten few months after the accident. I named him Latte. He was a beast.

So moral of the story:
Please. PLEASE. Check around your car first before you use it. Bang your hood, check the tires, and make sure there won't be any creatures injured by your lack of surveillance.

And then you can go and continue your life without feeling guilty of what you've done.

Thank you.

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