January Favorites!

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Hi hi, welcome back!

I was actually planning to make a YouTube video for this content for my first YouTube video ever, when I realized... I'm bad at talking.

I mean it's not new for me (bad at talking), but I didn't know I was that bad until I tried to make one.

So after trying a few hours making a video that I ended up didn't use, I'll share the content here instead.

This is a bunch of stuff I liked (yes, past tense, I'm kinda over it now lol) in January. Enjoy!

1. Fast Charging Cable RC-056i by Remax Royalty

So I broke my charger all the time. Yes, more than once. I've tried to take care of my charger gently but they just keep breaking.

And talking about things, I really like to buy things that are original to its kind. So if we're talking about charger, I just wanna use the original charger for my phone. This is because I like it more in fashion sense (it never go wrong with the look of the original stuff), and also I just wanna give the best treatment for my gadget as it will have longer life expectancy.

The issue is.. I'm broke. I don't have much money but I'm using Apple gadget as my phone, and their original charger is expensive as fvck!

So I was finally being open-minded about looking for a non-Apple-product-charger to replace my almost-break-again-Apple-charger, and planned to go look for the cable charger that looks like an ironing cable (you know, the cable with thicc cloth material), but I came across to this... which is waaay better!

This is a fast charging cable by Remax Royalty that I found on Tokopedia, and its made from metallic material. It looks like a regular cable that is covered by a long spring, but it looks super cool and super sleek! I love this!

It also came within a fancy wooden box which make it looks like a legit brand (I didn't know about the brand before this). And yes, I don't have any issue with the charging aspect. It works normal and fast (hence the name) with my phone.

The only thing is, because it's metallic, it kinda stings a bit when you accidentally touch your skin when it's connected to the power source. It's actually weird because when you hold/grab the cable on purpose, it won't sting. But if it touches your skin, it will give you mini electric shock. Like a little pinch.

Nonetheless, I love this!

[Buy here: Kabel Data Remax Royalty Fast Charger Lightning iPhone 5 6 7 RC-056i]

2. Serum Oil by BotanicaBeauty.id (Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, and Castor Oil)
So here's the thing about me: I never have a skin care regimen..

...Which is bad for a 24 years old woman, but I'm just never brave enough to commit to such thing!

It's because usually skin care products are expensive, especially the ones with better benefits, and that does not guarantee that it will work well on your skin either. Yes, you can buy the cheap and drug store version, but usually it will take longer to see the result and I'm just not okay with that.... I need some assurance!

Again, I was trying to be open-minded when I started to realize that I do need to start looking after my skin. One random day, I found a sponsored post of this products on my Instagram.

"Great! I can start to use this oil as a serum for my face!"

ALSO.. it was on sale! Ayeee ya cheap girl is showing!

I bought 3 oils: Avocado, Rice Bran, and Castor oil. The Rice Bran is actually for my Mom, because it helps to fight wrinkle, but I can mix it with mine as well. Mine is the Avocado oil which helps with dull face and dark circles, and also Castor oil which I use to thicken and lengthen my eyelashes and my eyebrows.

I use the face serum everyday after taking a shower in the morning (before make up) and before bed, and the Castor oil before bed only.

It's been around three weeks since I started using it, and I'm pretty sure these guys work nicely. So that's why they are suitable to be in my January Faves! They are cheap and they work nicely; two things that I like!

[The shop: BotanicaBeauty.id]

3. Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé
Damnnnn I love this!

I used to have a quest to find the best lip balm out there because my lips are just the worst. I tried various kind of lip balms and lip butters but most of the time they are making me look bad.

My lips are naturally dry and wrinkly and making me look like I don't drink water for a week, and when I put on some lip balm, they just look gross! Instead of looking like a healthy and well-hydrated person, I look like someone who eats too much deep fried food.. They just not looking good.

But then I found this! Not only this smells hella delicious (this smells like Sugus candy), this is the first lip butter that successfully making me look like a healthy person.

So OF COURSE this thing is forever in my pocket for an emergency hydration.

4. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
I've been a hardcore Vaseline user since I knew the brand. I use this thing to literally anything. I use this for my lips before I found Nivea, I use this for my eyelashes and eyebrows before I bought the castor oil, I even use this for my make up remover.

And so lately I've been working out a lot at home but I don't have a yoga mat. I usually do stuff on the rug that's on my living room, and the fur is very rough. When I do some forms where I need to hold my body weight with my limbs like Plank and Fire Hydrant, I realize that the rug is actually breaking my skin.

It makes my skin flaky. It usually happens around my elbows and the knees area.

But then this magic happens. The Vaseline is not only help to fade the flakiness instantly, but also speeding up the regenerating process of the new skin. It works very very well!

Get this thing in your house! It's very worth it!

5. Money Lover App

I was soooo bad at my own financial management.. but not anymore!

It's been a year now that I've tried to manage my financial and not just splurge on something uncontrollably whenever I have some money in my wallet.

At first I was following this tweet about budget I found in Twitter a year ago, and just adjusting it to my situation. I wrote that down on my notebook and sometimes on my Notes application in my phone. I actually kept forgetting to write down everyday, because it's just too confusing when it gets too long... My bad.

Not sure why I did not look up for money management app sooner, but then I did look up for it last month. This app was on top of the search list and had 4,7 stars when I found it. But no joke, this app is the best for your financial management!

It's so easy to use, with great interface, and the experience just making you want to organize your money in the right way!

You can input your income or expense, or even your debt/loan anytime! Each time you input your flow, you can choose what category it is (transportation, shopping, investment, salary, gifts, etc), so you can keep track of every detail of the money.

You can also activate the notification, so you can be notified every time (let's say at 8PM everyday) to write down how your financial flow that day. All you have to do is write down the detail (just input it each time) and they'll do the math for you.

They also have the Report section, where you can see how much you get or spend on each category for whatever time you wish to look at (This Month, Last Month, Last 6 Month, etc). They also have the Budget section when you can make your own budget for each category, and you will be notified when it's already reach your budget.

You can also connect this app to your internet banking like BCA, Mandiri, and Paypal. I don't use  this feature at the moment because I only have the mobile banking version of my Bank, but I may be using this in the near future.

And that's that! I know this is called my January Faves, but I hope this can help you with something. Maybe after you read this, they can be your favorites too. But for now..... byee!

P.S. As I said at the beginning of this post, this was initially the content for my first YouTube video. I planned to publish this post about a week ago with some clips of my trying to make YouTube video. Apparently I'm also bad at editing videos.. so I publish this without the video instead lol.

I'm still learning to use the editing tools and hope I'll be able to make some fancy wancy video out of it. But for now, just enjoy my writing. Thank you!

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