A Change of Lifestyle: Ketogenic Diet

6:31 PM

Hellooo everyone!

Tomorrow marks my full 5th week of doing keto and I've been feeling really goood about my body!

Not gonna lie, the first two weeks felt like your life was taken away from you.. It felt like you don't have any energy at all. When you're in your 3rd week, all are getting wayyy better. (Note: this may differ for each person.)

Other than feeling like sht in the first two weeks, everything is fine..

...And in this post I really wanna talk about how I decided to change, an overview of what Ketogenic Diet is, and what changes did I make ever since I chose this as my lifestyle. Let's get into it....


Okay.. I heard this a lot..

"Why..? Aren't you skinny already?"

For starter: yes, I might have a body image issue ever since I was a kid, but I'm also a very health conscious person since I saw my father sick because of cardiovascular disease (fyi, this is also the reason why I wrote health related research as my thesis). So my main goal is actually just to have an overall healthier body and have a longer life expectancy; with a bonus of having an ideal body.

Right before I started this lifestyle changes, I consider myself in a very low fitness level. I was so lazy to move and ate a lot of comfort food just to get going through my day to day life.

I used to like running back when I was in University and I used to be very active in Muay Thai after I graduated and had my first job; but lately I tried to be more wise with my expenses so I didn't just go and spend my money on something I wanted, including joining a gym/camp membership.

A little back story: I've been a hardcore fan of this YouTuber named Megan Batoon because I think she has a very nice ideal body, very good personality, and just has a perfect life. She's really the one that I look up to for fitness related lifestyle.

She's a dancer, so of course she has a good cardio, but she also does lifting; so her body is so shredded and so perfect for my ideal body. At first I wasn't sure how was her diet journey and I just never thought about finding that out. I just thought she's very active and do a lot of work outs, and those are enough reasons to make her has that kind of body. Sometimes she does some cooking related videos which use a lot of vegan friendly products (no, she's not vegan), but I just never thought if a specific diet is the reason behind her toned and shredded body.

One day, in one of her podcasts, she talks about healthy diet. There she explains that her diet mostly consist of keto diet (low carb - high fat) and also how she enjoys doing the Egg Fasting that helps her shred so much..

And that, my fried, is the start of me doing keto diet..

What is Ketogenic Diet?

Okay now you know the initial reason of why I wanna change my lifestyle, but let me tell you more about Ketogenic Diet..

After getting interested in Ketogenic Diet, I started to do research about this before I finally jumped into the boat. My 3 main sources of information about keto diet are from dr. Ken Berry, dr. Eric Berg, and RuledMe.

Ketogenic diet is basically changing your regular diet which usually consists of high carbohydrates, moderate protein, and low/moderate fat; into very low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and high fat. The goal in ketogenic diet is changing your source of energy from glucose (molecules of carbs) to ketones (molecules of fat) which then called ketosis. This way, even when you're not eating and fueling yourself with dietary fat, your body can take fuels from your body fat. This is why ketogenic diet is usually associated with getting slimmer.

Other than making you lose that stubborn fat in your belly or arms, keto diet also helps you lose fat in your organs, which is the worst stores of fat of all. Ketogenic diet (is the ONLY diet that) will also help you fight inflammatory conditions in your body. Long story short, keto diet will help you get healthier.. which is all we ever wanted, right?

What have changed?

When you hear about the word "diet", what you usually think is restriction of food, right? It's true with keto, but here you won't restrict the taste of your food. This kind of healthy diet will be very tasty and fulfilling because 75% of your daily intake supposed to be from fat. And fat is fulfilling.

As for myself, I've been eating more variety of food than I've ever eaten before I go keto (I was a picky person) and they're mostly healthy for me.

I eat fatty meats (chicken, beef, fish), eggs, leafy veggies; and even though it seems like so little options, the options of dishes are actually endless. Also, I can put as many salt as I want because we actually need to consume electrolytes as we constantly lose water from urination because of the lack of sugar in our body.

Not convinced of how keto diet is a delicious diet? Here's some reel of the food I eat daily:
Bulletproof coffee:
My favorite Exelso Robusta Gold with 2 tbsp of grass-fed butter and 2 tbsp of coconut oil
A crispy chicken tight with skin, cauliflower rice, scrambled eggs, and cherry tomatoes
Fatty ground beef with cubes of cheddar cheese, sunny side-ups, bak choy, and some slices of eggplant
The delicious and easy deviled eggs for that sudden hunger
Cheddar cheese crisps with oregano

Even though this is a very easy and sustainable diet, unfortunately, not many people in this country knows about this diet yet. It's rather hard to find what suitable for you if you want to go out and socialize. Not much restaurants have keto-friendly options yet. So the safest way of doing this is actually by cooking your own meals all the time; or do the meal prep for some specific days.

Fun Fact: Keto Diet was a hype back around a couple years ago, but it wasn't presented as a good diet. In fact, people in Indonesia are more familiar with what they call Ketofastosis, which combining keto and fasting. But for what I heard, it's actually just Atkins diet, where they have 4 phases of diets.

As it is a change of lifestyle for me (not just a mere diet), this diet has taught me to:
  • Cook delicious dishes,
  • Understand about macronutrients,
  • Distinguish between good and bad ingredients in packaged products, and
  • Be more mindful of what I put in my body

As a closer: I'm pretty sure every diet initiator/doer has their own reasons why they choose the lifestyle that they have, but this is what I choose.

This post doesn't explain the whole picture of Ketogenic Diet, but at least I can give you a little introduction.

I'm probably gonna posts some more aspects of this diet, but let me know if you're interested in this as well!

P.S. As I said earlier, I'm rather new with this diet and I'm constantly learning about this lifestyle and the effect to my body every day. If you have any opinions regarding this, please don't hesitate to share, I'd like to have some discussion about healthy lifestyle. Thank you

P.S.S. For anyone wondering, I lost 4KGs total for 5 weeks. They're all only water loss, I think. I never test my ketones level yet. Will probably check it in the near future.

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  1. di hari kelima ku sbg pemula, maag ku udh kambuh parah bgt😂 tp balik lg!! karena aku nunda2 makan di kampus dgn alasan gaada makanan yg proper di kantin....pdhl grgr males masak bekel😅 lessons learned, gotta be more careful (& rajin) next time! thxxx for sharing khairunnisa😜

    1. Waaah mungkin bisa pelan2 aja sis kalo gitu. Daripada langsung nyebur gak makan karbo sama sekali, bisa dikurangi pelan2 dulu selama beberapa hari. Kadang orang nyaraninnya juga gitu biar gak kaget2 amat badannya.

      Yes true, bekel aja kalo bisa bawa bekel, biar gak ragu dan paham apa aja makro yang kamu makan. Jadi gampang nge-track-nya.

      Good luck btw!! It will paid off!

  2. Aku belum pernah nyobain keto diet karena masih was2 sama efek jangka panjangnya. What do you think about that?

    Selama ini makro nutrisiku mostly: 45% carbs 20% fat 25% pro
    And my body always feeling good with that macros.

    Thank you for sharing btw :)

  3. Aku lagi mencoba diet lagi dengan cara mengurangi karbo, I heard this diet method before tapi nggak mencari tau lebih lanjut sih. Abis baca ini pengen coba cari tau, siapa tau cocok dengan kebutuhan pribadi. Thank you sharing-nya! (:

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