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Khairunnisa Sekar A
People call me Sekar /'səka:(r)/

I was born in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and also live in Indonesia. I graduated from faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. I'm 25 years old and is currently building my own empire. Lately I've been into business and I really want to have my own business in the near future.

I enjoy being an adult as I always like to do things on my own. I do my own adventures in life by constantly trying new things every day. I like to develop myself as person, both personally and professionally. Some days, I enjoy having slow days and not forcing myself into achieving something. I take care of my health very well, both physically and mentally.. I have a background in Psychology, after all.

I'm a simply complicated person. Please enjoy my messy mind.

e-mail: khairunnisa.sekar@gmail.com

About the Blog

I post random things that are suddenly popped out of my mind. This blog also helps me to share things that I can't say in real life, as I'm not a good talker. In short, this blog is a representation of how I see the world.

I'm writing in English just because I want to make this blog to be more user-friendly by using the international language, even though I'm not really using English in my daily conversation. I might still make mistakes here and there, so that's why I'm very open to any comments.

I'll try to keep the blog up to date in regular basis, and learning new things, and looking for new inspirations. But in the end, this blog is my mind. There will be time when I'm full of ideas, and there will be times when I'm in the mood of snuggling in my comfy bed.

Otherwise, please enjoy! You're very welcome in this blog.

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